Netflix have announced who will play lead female role in second season of ‘You’

Netflix recently announced a second season of the hit show ‘You’, and fans were thrilled.

And just this week, it was leaked that the third season may already be in production.

If that wasn’t enough, Netflix have announced who will play Joe’s girlfriend in the second season.

The role will be played by Haunting of Hill House actress Victoria Pedretti.

Pedretti will play aspiring chef; Love Quinn.

Who is Victoria Pedretti?

Victoria Pedretti is a 23-year-old American film and television actress. She is an up-and-coming star, and landed her first role as Nell Crain in Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House

She is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and was born on March 23, 1995.

She studied at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh and graduated in 2017.

She’s known for her role in The Haunting of Hill House

Not too sure what ‘You’ is all about? Watch the first season’s trailer here:


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