Canterbury Mosque takes stand to unite city after New Zealand attack

By Ellie Keeling

Canterbury Mosque combined with the Kent Islamic Student Union in light of the recent Christ Church attack to make their Friday prayer service public.

The service  will start at 1:15pm at the Venue, University of Kent and will feature both a sermon and prayers.

Canterbury Mosque’s Imam Ihsan khan, told The Canterbury Hub, why taking this stance as a Mosque is so crucial.

He said: “It will set an example to the rest of the world by showing how the residents of Canterbury are one big family no matter what race, religion or colour they are.”

Previous Imam Dr. Khalaf Albalwi and current Imam Ihsan Khan. Credit: The Canterbury Mosque

This comes soon after the terror attack in Christ Church New Zealand, in which 50 people lost their lives after a massacre at two mosques.

The gunman Brenton Harris Tarrant, who live streamed his attack, was charged with murder on Saturday morning and is still the only person to be arrested over the attack.

After this heartrending slaughter, Khan highlights why it is important to come together, he added:

“I do believe it will unite people and educate people about learning to live with people who are different from us because we share more similarities than differences.”

At the service attendees will also get to hear from locals and figureheads, who will be publicly speaking and there will also be a chance to stand against terrorism with placards.

Khan who is eager to bring together as many people as possible, posted the open invite on the Canterbury Residents Group, Facebook.

His message read: “We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. This is an example to the whole world once again that no matter how hard these bigots and extremists try to divide our communities we simply will not be divided. Rather we will unite stronger than ever before.”

The Mosque is also hosting refreshments after the event, so there will be a chance to go along and socialise.

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