STUDENT BARGAINS: Eating healthy for less

It can be hard eating healthily on a scarce budget, so we’ve got you covered, as UNIfied’s Chloe Mills shows how you can easily save some dough!

Recently, I continue to see posts about how in our generation, unhealthy eating is the most popular choice, due to convenience and price. 

Convenience: Yes, if you’re feeling lazy buying a microwave meal or ordering a takeaway is the more appealing option than preparing and cooking your own food however saying it is cheaper is not always so accurate. 

After doing an absolute bargain shop in Aldi this week, it has sparked me to enlighten you as students on how to eat healthy for less…

Tip 1

You may see healthy breakfasts and think who can be bothered to make that first thing in the morning. 

But it really is not that difficult or expensive! 

My favourite breakfast is granola and yogurt, With a pot of low fat natural yogurt being only 68p for a big pot and a whole bag of granola which will easily last a couple of weeks for only £1.39.  You can then grab some fruit of your choice to not only does it give you some of your five-a-day, but it adds that extra flavour that you need for it to be super delicious.

Blueberries and raspberries are in my opinion the best addition to this breakfast and with Aldi fruit being my top pick for fruit (after trying out most supermarkets) it is cheap, fresh and tasty!

What more could you want?

Aldis granola comes in a range of different flavours and is so cheap!

Tip 2

Avocado isn’t just trendy its also the best addition to pretty much anything.

Trying to eat more salad?- don’t forget your avo!

Making eggs on toast and getting bored of the same old thing?- add half an avocado to your breakfast! 

Again a cheap and cheerful way to make whatever you’re making a little more interesting without it ruining your healthy diet.

Adding a little lemon juice and chopped tomatoes to mashed avocado will also make a perfect guacamole!

Tip 3

Obviously everything is healthy in moderation, but snacking really is the secret killer to ruining your good eating habits. 

Most supermarkets, but in particular Asda, have some good offers on cereal bars, protein bars and natural snacks which is good way to try different brands and find which are your favourites without getting bored of the same snack all the time.

Asda also sells bags of mixed dried fruits and nuts, which are delicious.

Often these products aren’t too high in calories, but give you something to fill up on in-between meals.

Tip 4

Choose the wholewheat alternative instead of white.

Not that there is anything wrong with white carbs… but wholemeal bread, wholewheat pasta and 50/50 wraps are again another healthy choice to pick during your weekly shop to maintain a balanced diet.

 Typically you would expect this healthier carb to be more expensive right? Wrong.

 A whole bag of wholemeal pasta in Aldi (apologies for the hardcore Aldi-hype) is only 39p!!

This really is an absolute bargain – with this you could squeeze out a whole week’s worth of dinners, you really can’t go wrong. Even if you think white pasta is nicer, buy a bag of each and have a 50/50 split of white and wholewheat pasta mixed together and you won’t event taste the difference! 

Tip 5

This is a slightly random one but if you’re anything like me and you are always tempted to buy popcorn in your weekly shop when you really don’t need it but it just amazing…choose the brand ‘Propercorn’, with only 85 calories per bag it is a yummy snack.

You can buy it in salted and sweet flavours, however this brand has drastically less calories and sugar than Tesco’s Own or even Butterkist (even though Butterkist is the best thing ever) this is just, again, another way to enjoy the things you love but make it a little bit healthier and feel better for it, whilst saving a your pennies!

 Hopefully these tips will help you keep up a healthy, balanced and fulfilled diet at University!

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