Why should you choose CCCU?

The choice of what university you want to go too will make a huge impact on your future. There are so many places to choose from, but with results swarming in this week, it’s not to late to apply to study at CCCU and here is why you should this September!

Canterbury Christ Church University has so much to offer and there is always something here for everyone. With it’s wide range of courses, the societies, the campus setting as a whole and the atmosphere, it’s one to add to your list. There are two campuses to choose from one based in Canterbury and the other in Medway.

There are a wide range of societies at CCCU which is a great way to socialise and meet new people that share similar interests to you. There’s not just a few, in fact there’s actually 56, that fit pretty much anyone’s taste, so whether you’re interested in working alongside CCCU’s student media outlet Unified, or your a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or maybe just a major Disney Lover, they have it all! Not only that but if you actually have an idea yourself of a society you’d like to create, you can always speak to the student union, who’d be more than happy to help. Full list of societies here. 

Another key element of joining CCCU is the wide range of sports teams that they have to offer, if that’s your thing of course. Perhaps you’re a lover of football or hockey or you want to try something new like pole fitness or equestrian, it’s all here to choose from. You will also have the opportunity to compete in Varsity, which Christ Church have been very successful at, in recent years. Full list of sports teams here. 

Credit to CCCU

As you can see, there is so much to offer. But it’s not just that, it’s also how the university is as a whole. There is such a big community around CCCU, a lively atmosphere and you always know that someone would be willing to help you if you get lost. At first, it may be difficult to find certain buildings and rooms, but everything within the campus is clearly signed and most of the time you will be in the same buildings. The campus isn’t huge like most are, but that’s a bonus in the fact of it gives it more of a homely feel because everything is so compact.

The staff at CCCU know a lot about the field they’re teaching in and they’re more than happy to pass their knowledge onto their students, the goal is to make you ready for life after university. According to the Christ Church website:

Credit to CCCU

CCCU offers great job prospects, making sure that all the graduates are prepared for working life after university. The best thing about knowing what university you want to choose, is knowing that you’re actually going to get into something once you leave. It’s something that can be quite intimidating not knowing if after you spend all your time on your degree that you will find something after. Christ Churches success in the area speaks for itself:

Credit to CCCU

Canterbury is a lovely city, it’s filled with so much to do for students. A buzzing night life, offering plenty of events that are sure to tickle your fancy, not only that but on Freshers Week there are so many to choose from, which is a great way to meet new people!

Tokyo Tearooms, Club Chemistry and The Cuban are a few popular clubs amongst Canterbury. Not to mention, the wide variety of pubs to take a trip too, pretty much all offering student discount, which is a bonus! The university is based right in the centre of the city, taking about a ten minute walk to the high street, where you will be spoilt for choice. A wide range of supermarkets nearby if you wanted to pick up a bite to eat. Not only that but there are loads of restaurants to choose from and there is always something to do, whether that’s shopping, eating out, clubbing or perhaps taking a tour on the historic river cruise, you’ll always be entertained!

Credit to Club Chemistry

The Medway campus is based at the University of Medway on the Chatham Maritime site, providing supportive learning and professional perspectives, in the heart of Medway town. Whilst having easy access to London. It’s a 42 minute train journey to London, has a student friendly village atmosphere. Offering a multiplex cinema, outlet shopping centre, sports centre as well as the marina restaurants.

There are always new exciting developments along the way, constantly investing and improving certain facilities around the campus to ensure students get the best. There are many facilities on campus, Augustines House will probably be your new best friend, the library filled with loads of learning resources. A new creative arts building was built this year, for those studying music, art, games development and graphic design. Not only that but a new science, engineering, technology and health facility is under development. With a new medical school, alongside the University of Kent is hoped to be built in 2020.

Of course, the exciting aspects of university are choosing your accommodation if that’s what you want. There are so many accommodations to choose from, some very close to the campus and some a bit further a field but still within walking distance. Each offering their own unique look and feel, you’ll most likely always end up happy with your choice and hopefully living somewhere that feels some what like home. You can apply now for September 19th, here are a list of accommodations CCCU has to offer!

Last but not least, the fact you get to graduate in a stunning cathedral. Graduating is the biggest highlight of any university experience, it’s your chance to shine and celebrate all the hard work you’ve put into your degree. Canterbury cathedral is a highlight of the town, and the fact you get to graduate there is even better! If you’re a student at the Medway campus the graduation takes place in the lovely Rochester Cathedral!

If you feel like CCCU is the right university for you, then make sure to apply through clearing now if you haven’t got a place. Call 01227 926000 to be sure to secure a place for September.

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