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10 things you need to know before moving into Lanfranc

Accepted your offer to come to Christ Church in September and you’re staying in Lanfranc House? Here is everything you need to know about your new home for your first year of University.

1- The perfect location.

Lanfranc House is a warm and friendly student accommodation on Northgate in the perfect location a 5 minute walk from the city centre as well as a 5 minute walk to the university campus (meaning there is no reason why you shouldn’t make those 9ams that we all love).

Lanfranc is centrally located both to campus and the city centre.

2- You have your own bathroom!

Lots of University accommodations often result in shared bathrooms and sometimes shared dorms! Not in Lanfranc!

In Lanfranc you have your own en-suite wet room, with most of the flats being re-vamped and so also leaving you with a double bed to starfish in all year round! Don’t be disappointed if you have a single bed, more room to store all the things you cannot leave at home!

Lanfranc really is the place to be!

Credit: Canterbury Christ Church University


3- Nearest club

Cuban nightclub is along the high street in the city centre so an easy walking distance, however the night bus to Club Chemistry stops just outside the wooden gates on the corner regularly also making it easy to access on your way to a night out.

Club Chemistry bus timetable (there will be updated versions for the 19/20 year in September).

4- 24 hour security

One bonus of living in halls in your first year of University is that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week there it somebody sat in the security office within the Lanfranc grounds available for whatever you may need and also keeping tabs on who is coming into and going out of the accommodation. Security in Lanfranc are lovely and friendly and only a short walk from your flat or house front door.

Lanfranc accommodation is super secure and a very safe place to live.

5- Food shopping

Sainsbury’s will become your best friend with this being not even a 2 minute walk from the wooden gate as you can use the cut through as well as there being plenty of shops along The King’s Mile and into the city centre if you turn left out of the Lanfranc wooden gates.

Doing a weekly food shop to have a balanced diet is essential when at University to stay healthy!

6- Library? Chemistry?

The library and Club Chemistry are around a 15-20 minute walk from this accommodation, however in no time you will know Canterbury like the back of your hand and figure out your own short cuts.

Club Chemistry is your go to for a night out in Canterbury.

7- A very friendly place

There is no doubt you will make friends in Lanfranc, whether it be you meet your best friends in your flat or house itself or simply sitting outside on the benches in the courtyard; it really is a friendly place to live.

Ever seen the TV show ‘Friends’? You’ll be as close as this bunch in no time.

8- You’re guaranteed to meet lots of new faces all the time

Whether they live in your flat, the flat next door, or across the courtyard: there is always going to be a new face to say hello to when you live in Lanfranc. Joining a sports team or society is also your ‘go-to’ for meeting people at CCCU and it will be likely that there will be other freshers who sign up for your team who also live in Lanfranc accommodation too.

CCCU sports teams take part in Varsity every year, so make sure to go to Freshers Fayre and sign up for a team or society!

9- The famous wooden gates.

If you had imagined student living to be anything like Harry Potter, this is the closest you’re going to get! With the discreet back door of Lanfranc looking like something from Hogwarts: the big wooden gates will soon be your favourite way into your flat.

Lanfranc is often nicknamed Hogwarts for its big wooden gates.


10- Transport

Not that you’ll really need it living at Lanfranc but if you have plans to go home or visit friends in their new University home, Lanfranc is in the middle of Canterbury West and Canterbury East train station with it only being a 15-20 minute walk to both of them!

As well as this, the Stagecoach bus station is next to Tesco in town: a mere 10 minute walk away for a cheaper ride home.

Longley’s taxi company are also highly safe and recommended for students, so download the app and a taxi will be outside the Lanfranc gates to take you to any destination in no time at all!




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