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10 things you should know before moving into St. George’s accommodation

If you’ve found out you’ll be moving into St. George’s accommodation, here are 10 important things you should know before you do…


  1. Excellent location

Firstly, you’ve chosen arguably the best student accommodation for location. The University, the library, Canterbury city centre and some supermarkets are all less than a 10-minute walk away. This is especially great for any 9am lectures you may have.

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  1. 24-hour Security

To get into your accommodation you will have an electronic key card, making it much easier and quicker to access the building. However, make sure you don’t lose it as you may be fined. St. George’s also has security on watch 24 hours a day, which definitely makes you feel a lot safer.

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  1. Do your laundry!

You will have to pay to do your laundry at St. George’s! On your arrival you will receive a card which you can then top up online whenever you need to. It isn’t expensive but it is important that you factor this into your budget, doing your laundry is very important.

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  1. Your own bathroom!

A double bed and an en suite bathroom will definitely make your start to Uni life a lot nicer. However, they are both your own responsibility for the year and no one else’s – so make sure you keep up with the cleaning! Don’t leave it until you move out as you will have a lot more to do.

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  1. Close to the nightlife

Getting back home from a night out is always a worry, however St. George’s is close to the three main clubs, Chemistry, Tokyo Tea Rooms and The Cuban. This means you can walk home from each club, and won’t be needing a taxi. However, always walk back in a group and not on your own.

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  1. Student Union downstairs

The Christ Church Student Union is a big part of the University, and it is downstairs for St. George’s residents. This is perfect for fresher’s week as many events are held there – meaning you won’t have to travel far! It is also great for sports fans as many sport socials are held there and Sky Sports is shown on the screens.

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  1. Variety of supermarkets

Directly across the road from the accommodation is a Waitrose, although that might be too pricey for most students. Instead there is a Tesco Express close by, which is open until 11pm, very handy for late night food shopping, and where there are cheap deals. There is also an Aldi and Sainsburys, both about a 15-minute walk away.

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  1. Cinema!

Along the road from St. George’s is an Odeon cinema. It is a great place to have a break from studying and has great student deals. It has a lovely interior as well, having once been a theatre. The cinema is very well looked after and the staff are extremely friendly.

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  1. Don’t bring everything!

Moving away from home is exciting and you probably want to bring lots of your own stuff, however St. Georges’ kitchens are well equipped with toasters, kettles and microwaves. Bringing your own things such as sandwich makers or blenders will take up a lot of space – remember you might be sharing with up to 7 other people! Wait to meet them and discuss before deciding to add more kitchen equipment.

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  1. Make the most of it

Don’t take for granted the location and security of St. George’s in your first year. However exciting it will be moving into a house in your second year with friends you’ve made, you will definitely miss St. George’s. So enjoy it, make the most of it and have the best year you possibly can!

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