5 things you should know before commuting to university

Personally, for me commuting was the best decision I made. I stayed in halls in my first year, I realised later that year it was not for me and I didn’t feel happy or content, so in my second year, I decided to commute and will be continuing to do that in my final year. Obviously, commuting may not be for everyone and living in student accommodation is a good experience, to decide what is best for you!

But if your heart is set on commuting, here are 5 things you must know before you make the decision to commute to university…

1. Budgeting

Yes, you’ll have more money, but don’t get carried away. Budgeting is important knowing what you need to pay for and how much you need to save, will make you feel more at ease and will make you feel less stressed. Not living in student accommodation, will save you a lot of pennies, but saving money for travel and the essentials is the priority.

Just because you might save money on food and rent, budgeting will still be your best friend.

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2. Traveling

Traveling is honestly not that bad, I travel by bus. But you must make sure you leave enough time to get to where you need to go.  The worst thing is having a few minutes to rush for a bus or to campus, public transport can be an absolute pain sometimes and can end up being delayed, so take that into consideration.

If you’re commuting by car, make sure that you have enough petrol, check travel updates, make sure again you leave enough time to get there and actually find a parking space.

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3. You can still go out and enjoy yourself

Just because you don’t live in student accommodation, doesn’t mean you can’t have the best time. Freshers week will be here shortly, and that’s the time to really get into the swing of things and meet new people, don’t let the fact you live further away be a burden.

Just plan ahead, see when you can get back, ask someone to pick you up nicely or another option is to make friends with those that live in halls, they’d most likely let you stay for the night, there are always options!

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4. You will still make lots of friends, don’t worry!

You may think just because you live further away and sometimes you may not be able to attend gatherings doesn’t mean you will not make friends. You’ll come to find not everyone chooses student accommodation.

Just get to know people, the more friends you make the better and you can even join societies, there is so many at CCCU!

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5. You’ll most likely feel more relaxed at home

The truth is there truly is no place like home,  getting to wake up somewhere you feel content and have all your loved ones around you is so beneficial. You’ll get the room you’ve always known, get to cuddle your pets, meet up with friends outside of uni. You’ll know where everything is: food places, shops or supermarkets, places to go on the weekends, you’ll feel more relaxed.

Of course, it’s always nice to go somewhere different and explore new places, which is why some students prefer not to live at home and commute.

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