Just one of the new items on the new Lounge menu.

Bargain Breakfasts, Burgers and much more at the Lounge

The Lounge, Bar and Kitchen has a new menu and we are all for it.

The new menu includes, BBQ Chicken Wraps, Sri Lankan Curry, and Topped Fries with a variety of toppings.

It also includes more vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options, as the Lounge are trying to cater for everyone.

The Lounge serve food until 8pm

On a Sunday, they also now do a Roast Dinner for only £6, you can add a soft drink for an extra £1 or an alcoholic drink for £1.50.

So why don’t you save yourself the washing up and treat yourself to a nice roast on a Sunday.

Roast Dinners is the only item on the menu that is served on a Sunday.

The updated menu has already been a hit with students.

The breakfast menu has also had a revamp and with the Rugby World Cup currently taking place, it’s the perfect place for you to come and watch a bit of rugby and get a cheap, but very nice breakfast!

For £3 you can get five breakfast items, but for an extra £2 you can make it a ten item breakfast!

The new breakfast at the Lounge, Bar and Kitchen.

The lounge now also has Sky Sports and with the cheap food and drink surely this must be your go to place to watch the footy.

Head down there and try it out for yourself.



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