Pictures show massive turnout as hundreds protest against climate-change in Canterbury

Hundreds of children and young people took to the streets of Canterbury yesterday in a protest against climate change.

Demonstrators, which were mostly made up of schoolchildren, marched through the streets of Canterbury in a protest against what they see as government inaction against global warming.

The protesters marched from the Marlowe Theatre up to Whitefriars.

The protesters gathered outside the Marlowe theatre
The demonstrators carried placards and shouted slogans as they marched
Many of those protesting were children

The marchers were heard shouting: “No more coal, no more soil, keep the carbon in the soil”, and “We need eco, stop this ego”.

Protesters even held a sit down outside Canterbury Cathedral along the way, holding up traffic for twenty minutes.

A Unified reporter at the march estimated that up to five hundred people attended.

The demonstrators had a sit-in outside Canterbury cathedral
Traffic was held up for around twenty minutes by the marchers

Students and staff at Christ Church University also held a “die-in” before the march.

Dozens of people lay down outside Touchdown cafe in a show of solidarity for those affected by global warming.

Students and staff at CCCU also took part in the protests
The students and staff held a die-in at the university

Kate Chesterman, an Extinction Rebellion member who works at the university helped organise the event, and told Unified that while marches were important, more is needed to prevent climate change.

“Petitioning and marching raises publicity, and makes people aware, but the most important thing is that people are beginning to take disruptive action,” she said.

“Children are refusing to go to school.

“It is only by being radical that things will change.

Kate Chesterman is a member of Extinction Rebellion and a member of staff at CCCU

“We are raising awareness and getting more people involved.

“It’s making clear that we will not tolerate this.

“The more people try to ignore us, the more we will make it clear that this will not continue.

“We must act now.

Kent Police told Unified yesterday that any illegal behaviour by the protestors would be dealt with appropriately.

“Kent Police is aware of protests being carried out in Canterbury on Friday 20 September 2019,” a Kent Police spokesperson said.

“Any incidents reported to the police will be dealt with proportionately and appropriately to ensure the activity remains peaceful and businesses continue to go about their lawful trade.

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