Brexit: What is it?

You have probably heard people mention the “B” word quite a few times, especially over the past few weeks but a lot of people still don’t fully understand what Brexit actually means and in this exciting time for UK politics, it’s important that its explained to everyone.

What does Brexit actually mean? 

Brexit refers to the United Kingdom leaving the Europian Union. 


What is the Europian Union? 

The EU is an economic and political union involving 28 European countries. The EU allows free trade and gives people the freedom to live in any country that they choose. 


What has actually happened and why have we not left yet?

After the referendum in which the United Kingdom voted to leave by 52% David Cameron the conservitive prime minister stepped down from his position.

After he stepped down, Theresa May took on the role. She then put together a two seperate deals to show the Europian Union in order to make a withdrawal treaty for when we leave. 

One of these deals was agreed in November 2018, but MP’s in the UK rejected it three times.

Theresa May then stepped down and Boris Johnson has taken on the role as prime minister and put together a new deal.

What is in Boris Johnson’s deal 

Boris’s deal is actually quite simple and very similar to the one that Theresa May put together, the only changes are: 


  • The whole of the UK will leave the EU customs union – this means we are free to trade with other countries


  • Regulations on goodsNorthern Ireland would keep to EU rules rather than UK rules meaning there will be no need for checks at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.


  • Northern Ireland’s say – Northern Ireland will be set apart from the rest of the UK when it comes to customs and other EU rules, the deal gives its Assembly a vote on these new arrangements.


  •  EU law on value added tax – (VAT – a tax added when you make purchases) will apply in Northern Ireland, but only on goods, not services


Parliament voted to back this deal on the 23rd of October 2019 but rejected the time period in Boris planned on doing it, so it’s looking very likely that there will be another extension and that we won’t leave on the 31st of October.

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