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BUCS Round-Up Week 2

Women’s Hockey

Women’s Hockey 1’s won 3-2 against Royal Vets.

Captain Ellie Johnson said: “Player of the Match was unanimously Maddy Young who stepped up to help out and played her first game in two years! Captains Player of the Match was Jina Douaoui.”

Women’s Hockey 2’s lost 10-0 against King’s College.

Millie Chapman said: “Tough match but fantastic team work. Player of the Match me!”


Men’s Cricket

The Men’s Cricket 2’s beat Sturry by 5 wickets and beat Margate also by 5 wickets. The 3’s beat Faversham by 50 runs.

Jack Lewis Wheeler said: “Player of the day for us was 2’s Captain Ollie Johnson, retired in both games and bowled very well, also led the team really well.

Jack Wheeler, was impressed with the teams performance this week.

Men’s Rugby

Men’s Rugby 1’s beat a strong King’s 1’s side 27-5.

Captain Thomas Little said that the Captains Player of the Match was Tom Davies, “Solid under the high ball and kick return.”


Women’s Rugby

The Women’s Rugby team lost 32-10.

Niamh Shewell-Cooper said: “Captains Player of the Match Lucy Relf, her first game for C4 and she was making loads of the big hits and runs. She swapped about positions in the scrum when we got injuries and was an integral part of our game.”

Chloe Oakley in action.



Netball 1’s lost 24-34 to King’s College.

Captain Olivia Miles said: “Player of the Match was Amara. All played amazing and kept pushing till the very end!”


Netball 2’s won their game 56-13 against Imperial!

Emmy Sheehan said: “Everyone played amazing especially defence! Tried out different combos which evidently worked well! Oppositions player of the match was Holly and Captains player of the match was Ferne.”

Netball 2’s

Men’s Football

Men’s 2’s Football lost 1-0 against Essex 1’s.

Captain Luke James Alliband said: “MOTM is Ryan Birch kept us in the game all the way with great saves.”


The men’s 4’s won their game 6-2 against Goldsmith 1’s!

Joe Massarella, 4’s captain, said: “Tougher opposition today but what a result. Went 2-1 down but came back strong. MOTM Nelson for 2 goals and assists. 2 weeks in a row 6 goals scored!”


Women’s Football

The Women’s Football team won their game 18-1!

Chloe Gilligan said: “Player of the Match goes to Lauren Street for scoring 2 goals and assisting many more of them.”

Women’s Football

Men’s Badminton

Men’s Badminton lost 5-3 to King’s College 4’s.

James Eastall said: “Very solid performance with some very close matches. MOTM goes to Guy Delamare for two superb wins in his singles matches. A very clean and efficient display.”


Women’s Badminton

Women’s Badminton lost their game 3-5.

Captain Rachel Wu said: “MOTM goes to Frankie McGregor for playing outstandingly well and some good smash shots were played.”

Men’s Hockey

The two’s lost 2-0 to City, University of London. Man of the match was Goalkeeper Vas, who made some excellent saves.

If you missed last week’s round-up read it here.

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