Canterbury’s local MP speaks out about her domestic abuse story

Gaby Wilde writes. Last Thursday in Parliament, Rosie Duffield, Canterburys local MP spoke out about her harrowing and emotive domestic abuse story moving some members of the parliament to tears. 

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons described Rosie Duffields speech as ‘honorable’ and ‘simultaneously as horrifying and moving a contribution as I’ve heard in the chamber for 22 years’ 

Rosie Duffield explains how sometimes there are “no bruises” in domestic abuse and tells the tale about how she gained the courage to leave her emotionally abusive husband. 

In her speech, she says “The brightest and most precious thing of all is to realise that you are loved and believed by friends, family, and colleagues who believe in you and support you.”

At the end of her speech, she reaches out to those who need help “ So is anyone is watching and needs a friend please reach out if it is safe to do so, please talk to any of us because we will be there and we will hold your hand.” 

If you are interested in meeting Rosie Duffield, Canterbury’s local MP, please come to Christ Church Student union on Friday the 11th of October for a question and answers session. 

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