DIY your costumes this Halloween!

Six Homemade Costume Ideas For Halloween

UNIfied’s Alex Overill shows us how to DIY your costume but to still look the best this Halloween!

The best part of Halloween is dressing up, shortly followed by eating copious amounts of chocolate and more excuses to party. However spending £50+ on a costume, which you will likely never wear again, is painful, and purchasing a costume adds to the chance of someone else wearing the exact same outfit.

That’s why these simple homemade Halloween costumes are the way to go!

These six Insta-worthy, last minute costume ideas can be made with things you already have in your house or can be ordered on amazon prime and will get to you just on time for your spooky celebrations!


1- Ghostbuster 

This was definitely the most fun to make!

I already had the two piece and the hat so all I had to order was the ghostbuster badges which I found on ebay for a really reasonable price. All prices are linked below.

Then I simply stitched them onto the top and the hat and the outfit can be finished there. I can promise you now, no one will be left guessing what you are. 

If you don’t have time to order badges, print some out and glue them on a piece of card then onto your costume.

But if you want to go the extra mile, get the glue gun out. This backpack was made from washing machine tubes, bottle lids, Jaffa Cake containers, a tart baking tray, old wires, electrical tape and a pumpkin lightsaber from poundland! 

Here for the badges.

Here for the top and shorts.


   2- A Teddy Bear

This look was so easy! I already started off with my normal makeup on and I drew a circle from around half way down the bridge of my nose and brought it round all the way under my chin with my eyebrow pencil, then i filled the hole with a foundation shade 3 or 4 times lighter than the rest of my face. 

Next, I drew a line straight from the middle of my forehead right down to the centre of my cupids bow and added two lines diagonal on my forehead to portray stitches. Then at the end of my nose I filled in a small circle and filled it in with the same eyebrow pencil.

And Voilà you look like a teddy bear! The ears im wearing are the Pudsy, Children In Need ears that I brought from boots for £2.50 (with some money being donated to charity) and paired it with a brown roll neck jumper.

If you’re going for a scary look, add some blood around your mouth and pop some red contacts in to look more devilish.

Here for the ears.


3- Savage/cavewoman 

This is another really easy one!

For this look just take whatever animal print dress you already own, or alternatively buy one. Add a few bones to your look, put on lots of bronzer to look dirty, I also added brown eyeshadow to my face to make myself look grubby. The rabbit is optional, but would make you look like a real savage. 

4- Witch

This outfit really comes on top with the cheap and easy scale. All you need is an all black outfit and a witches hat. This one is from poundland (admittedly it was a bit small for my head).

If you wanted to make this look even spookier, go with green skin, dark red lip and a broomstick! 

Here for a broomstick.


5- Barbie and Ken



To be a convincing barbie all you have to do is wear pink! As long as you’re dripping in bubble gum tones people will know exactly who you are. As for Ken, if you have a hawiaan/ patterned shirt, you’re already the ken doll. 

This dress and these boots were brought off depop after searching in “Barbie”.


6- Action man

The camouflage  tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt are both from primark and the hat and bullets were purchased from a fancy dress shop.

This entire outfit cost less than £20 and can all be found on the high street.

Here for camouflage joggers.

Here for fancy dress bullets and hat.  

Send us your versions of these costumes and any other halloween costume ideas you have by tagging us @unifed_news on Instagram and Twitter!

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