The Joker review- a truly dark and captivating film

2019 has had a fantastic run so far with films, ones that have completely obliterated the box office, ones that have made us laugh and cry and ones that have ended sequels in a remarkable way.

After receiving quite a lot of backlash for how emotionally disturbing the film is, others praised it and even said it was the best of 2019. When the Joker trailer was released, it was full of suspense as you watched through the short clip, it made you want to watch it straight away. It was released early October and after its opening weekend making £75.8 million, it was getting a lot of attention, with many hoping for it to be a hit. But the question is, was it really worth all the hype?

Yes, it was! It was definitely a film that kept you on your toes, it was well put together and one that deserves all the hype it gets. Directed by Todd Phillips known for films such as Due Date and The Hangover, this film was the complete opposite of what he is used too and he for sure prooved that change is always good.  Joaquin Phoenix known for Her and Gladiator played the role of an unsuccessful clown with the hopes of pursuing his dreams as a stand-up comedian. With the violent and broken-down Gotham City, violence begins to take place and the Joker is born. Phoenix played this role in an incredible way, he was so sadistically cunning and really delved into his character full-on, from his looks to his frail body and his evil laugh, he nailed every aspect.

Based around the era of 1981 a garbage strike was taking place, making the city of Gotham go into complete melt-down turning to violence and completely destroying everything. It embarked on what it’s like to live in a place that’s so corrupt and where committing a crime is the norm.

Arthur lives with fragile mother (Frances Conroy) his so-called best friend who gave him the nickname ‘Happy’ due to the infectiously wide grin he pulls, one that he uses to hide the heartache he feels inside. He dyes his hair light green and paints his face to create this clown persona that he uses to feel like he is a part of something. But after being beaten by teens, mocked by a few guys on the train and even teased by his work colleagues, this socially awkward clown turns into a catastrophic sociopath.

Credit to Radio Times

Following on from the incredible performances of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, it was safe to say that Phoenix had some big boots to fill. But he managed to continue the legacy of the Joker and did it in a way that was truly captivating. Every part of the film takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions, you see Arthur’s constant anger and hurt unravel into something so malicious in a way that is well thought out to really keep the audience engaged and interested. It was filled with dark humor and sometimes could be disturbing to watch, but that’s just who the Joker is as a person.

This film definitely deserves a lot of praise and will be one that will be remembered in years to come, not only that but the way Phoenix portrayed this role was mesmerising. It’s one you have to add to your watch list!




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