The boys, smashed UKC!

BUCS Round-Up Week 6 – Men’s Badminton beat Kent!

Men’s Badminton

Men’s Badminton won 5-3 against a very strong University of Kent 2’s team.

Captain James Eastall said: “A very hard fought battle with multiple close matches, taking them to a gruelling three games in a couple of challenging contests. Captain’s MOTM goes to Daniel Blake for two deserved singles victories against two undeniably great players.”


Men’s Football

Men’s Football 4’s beat Imperial 4’s 5-3.

Captain Joe Massarella said: “Superb battle, dug in deep, player sent off that don’t bother us mate. 4/4 at stoddy fortress. Some would say we’ve had a blinder!”


Men’s Lacrosse

Men’s Lacrosse finished 3rd in the ‘I Herts Lacrosse Freshers Tournament’ on Sunday, the highest the team have achieved in the tournament in recent times.

Adam James said: “Captains player of the tournament was Patrick who scored 7 goals, and was fantastic all day.”

The boys had an impressive tournament!



Netball 2’s lost 53-41 to Kings College.

Captain Emmy Sheehan said: “Oppositions player of the match was Annabel and Captains player of the match was Megan!”


Women’s Hockey

Women’s Hockey lost 6-4.

Ellie Johnson said: “We went into half time at 3-1 down and came back quickly to be 4-3 up! But sadly finished with a 6-4 loss. MOTM – Charlotte Berman for stepping up and creating lots of lovely space up the line.”

Unfortunately the girls came away with a loss this week but are looking to turn their form around for next week


Men’s Hockey

Men’s Hockey 1’s lost 3-1 to Surrey. The boys had a steady start to the game with the score being 0-0 at half time. Christchurch were the first to score but hold onto their lead.

Captain Ethan West said: “MOTM – Ben Martin for some great play out wide.”


Women’s Tennis

Captain Oksana Savchenko said: “Women’s Tennis have a walk over from their opposing team, so now waiting for next weeks cup match!”

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