Everything you need to know about the new thriller Doctor Sleep

A shining sequel? Yep, the long-awaited sequel has already begun to hit cinema screens worldwide and it’s one that you’re not going to want to miss! 

The Shining was one of the most iconic yet haunting films of its era and when Stephen King told the world that this was happening, it was safe to say many were excited. Here’s a round up of what you need to know before you go to see it and of course if you haven’t yet then you must watch The Shining. 

So what actually is Doctor Sleep based on?

Well in 2013, horror fanatic Stephen King released his sequel to the 1977 novel The Shining, which was named ‘Doctor Sleep.’ With the popularity that came with The Shining, it was safe to say making a movie for his sequel was a good choice and it’s finally happening after a wait that felt like forever.

The Shining

Psychological horror with Jack Torrance, who becomes a winter caretaker at the run-down Overlook Hotel in Colorado. An aspiring writer and a recovering alcoholic, he later discovers the dark secrets and begins to unravel into a crazy maniac whose main focus is to terrorise his family.

Doctor Sleep

This story is based on the son of Jack Torrance, his name is Danny, in his home town of New Hampshire, with his profession of working in a hospice, where his psychological ability ‘Shining’ helps him to ease the pain of the terminally ill patients in their final moments. He earned the nickname ‘Doctor Sleep’ because of his abilities and in the book it speaks about the legacy of Jack Torrance and what took place at the Overlook Hotel that drove Danny to alcoholism, but he later became sober.

The aggressive ghosts and the traumatising past from the hotel still haunt him to this day, but he keeps them locked away in ‘lockboxes’ in his mind. However, like any classic horror, there are almost an evil antagonists out to get revenge and in this case, it’s a cult, called the ‘True Knot,’ they travel quickly and the way they survive is to place themselves in to an extended lifespan by feeding on a psychic essence they call ‘Steam.’

When Abra Stone finds herself in their path, she starts to get into contact with Danny via astral projection. Danny, of course, gets involved, pulling him back into the chilling darkness he’s been trying to move on from.

Credit to Nerdist

Who stars in Doctor Sleep?

Famous face Ewan McGregor is known for starring in Star Wars, Christopher Robin and The Cow. Plays Dan Torrance, who is the son of Jack Torrance from the previous film The Shining.

Rebecca Ferguson who starred in The Greatest Showman, The Girl on the Train and Men in Black: International. She will play Rose the Hat, leader of the cult True Knot.

Kyliegh Curran who starred in I Can I Will I Did plays  Abra Stone, a girl with an even stronger shining ability.

Bruce Greenwood who starred in Star Trek and I, Robot plays John Dalton, Abra’s family doctor.

Who’s directing it?

The legend himself Mike Flanagan, whose previous work includes: Ouija: Origin of Evil and the popular Netflix TV series The Haunting of Hill House, he also made the film Gerald’s Game that is also on Netflix.

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