Many National women’s Charities are campaigning to call an end to the  ‘Rough sex’ defence in court 

Many women’s domestic violence charities has responded to the media coverage of Grace Milanes death. 

In a press release on the 22nd of November Sandra Horley, the cheif executive of the domestic abuse charity, Refuge, has said: “Refuge is shocked and saddened by the recent coverage of the murder trial of Grace Milane.” 


Around this time last year, 21-year-old British backpacker Grace Millane was murdered after going home with a man she had met on Tinder. Her date, whose identity remains legally suppressed by the New Zealand courts, told jurors Millane’s death had occurred accidentally after consensual “rough sex”.

Campaigning group We Can’t Consent To This posted on twitter details of 59 British women killed by men who claimed their deaths were as a result of violent – but consensual – sex.

Sandra went on to say:  “Whilst this trial took place in New Zealand, we have had several similar cases in England and Wales this year. The law clearly needs to change.

“Refuge is calling for the next government to put and end to the rough sex defence and ensure no woman is ever blamed for her killer actions.” 

Karen Ingala-Smith, whose work was the inspiration for We Can’t Consent To This and is chief executive of domestic violence charity Nia, told HuffPost UK: “Women don’t die from rough sex. Women die because men are violent to them.”

If you are interested in this campaign, please get in contact with one of the many domestic abuse charities that are fighting for the law to be changed.


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