Top 5 Netflix original Christmas movies to watch this December

So the countdown has begun to the most wonderful time of the year, you might be wondering what to watch to really get you in the Christmas spirit if you are not already. Luckily Netflix has uploaded a ton of Christmassy movies in the last few weeks.

Let’s be honest most Christmas films are super cheesy, but they wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t! Here are 5 films to watch to make you feel merrier.

1) A Christmas Prince (2017-2019)

A three-part franchise and one that you can’t help but love. A romantic comedy based around the festive season. The first part titled ‘A Christmas Prince’ is based around Amber Moore played by Rose McIver commonly known for her role in hit TV series Izombie. She plays an aspiring American magazine journalist who is sent on a mission to Aldovia to cover a press conference by Prince Richard played by Ben Lamb commonly known for Divergent. She pretends to be Princess Emily’s new tutor who is played by Honor Kneafsey. Amber and Richard fall in love throughout and that is where part two takes the lead.

There are two other films after this one. ‘The Royal Wedding’ which was released in 2018 and then ‘The Royal Baby’ who makes an appearance in the third film which was released on December 5th, 2019.

2) The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

Based around a woman named Brooke who has lost all hope in finding ‘the one’ after her tragic break up with her ex. She then comes across Sir Cole a knight who traveled from the 14th century. After accidentally hitting him with her car, she believed he was suffering from amnesia but later found out that what he did say was the truth and that he would in fact be the one she was always looking for. A really funny film, but prepare for super cheesy moments at times!

Brooke is played by Vanessa Hudgens who is known for High School Musical. Sir Cole is played by Josh Whitehouse. Along with Emmanuelle Chriqui who plays Maddison Brooke’s sister. Isabella Franca plays Claire, Maddisons daughter and Ella Kenion plays the Old Crone who sent the knight away.

3) Holiday Rush (2019)

After Rush the radio DJ with four kids loses his job just before Christmas, they loose their fancy lifestyle. But hopefully, with some holiday spirit, they can all still appreciate what they have. After losing his wife, he has to raise them by himself. They realise that Christmas is about who you have around you and not the gifts, a real tearjerker!

Romany Malco plays Rush Williams, known for TV show Weeds. Sonequa Martin-Green plays Roxy Richardson who works alongside Rush and always has the best advice. Darlene Love plays Auntie Jo Robinson, who is always helping out the family. Amarr M. Wooten plays Rush’s son Jamal Williams. Alongside Rush’s three daughters Mya Williams played by Deysha Nelson, Evie Williams played by Andrea-Marie Alphonse and Gabby Williams played by Selena-Marie Alphonse. 

4) The Holiday Calendar (2018)

Abby Sutton played by Kat Graham who’s starred in The Vampire Diaries is a struggling photographer who receives an advent calendar from her grandfather. Later on, she discovers that the calendar is in fact magical and whatever is inside happens to her in real life.

After a falling out with her best friend Josh Barton played by Quincy Brown who’s starred in the film Dope. He decides to go to Florida after the argument. But, later on, he comes back to surprise her on Christmas Day and buys her a studio so they can do photography together. She then confesses her love for him, after always knowing he was the guy for her.

5) Let It snow (2019)

On Christmas Eve, Julie Reyes played by Isabela Moner who’s starred in Dora and the Lost City of Gold runs into a rising pop star on the train, known as Stuart Bale played by Shameik Moore who voiced in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on a train. After a snowstorm stopped the train from running, they had to get off. Julie begins to walk home, as Stuart offers her lunch at Waffle Town. After that, they decide to make the most of the snow and go sledging. After sharing the holidays with all their friends, friendships are broken, romances bloom, even though a popstar is stranded, an unforgettable party makes up for that!

Starring many famous faces, Kiernan Shipka who is known for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina plays ‘Duke’ but her real name is Angie. Mitchell Hope who has been in Descendants’ plays Tobin, who is secretly in love with Angie. Liv Hewson who plays Dorrie a waitress at Waffle Town with a crush on Kerry. Anna Akana who plays Kerry, a cheerleader who is Dorrie’s love interest. Odeya Rush as Addie, Dorrie’s best friend who has trust issues with her boyfriend.

Mason Gooding as Jeb, Addie’s boyfriend. Jacob Batalon as Keon, Dorrie’s co-worker who is hoping to throw a party in their workplace during the storm. A really great film filled with lots of laughs!

So get your cosy pajamas on, grab the popcorn and make a hot chocolate and of course don’t forget to grab a blanket and enjoy these festive films!

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