Yungblud at Brixton Academy- a show to remember

There is honestly nothing better than getting to see a musician you love, live on stage in front of you and I got to witness that when I saw Yungblud at Brixton Academy.

The crazy northerner from Doncaster, who adores the colour pink, has so much energy and creates such inspirational and infectious music. Someone who was playing in pubs a year ago and is now selling out a capacity of 5,000 people at Brixton, he’s come so far in such a short time. But not only for his music, but for the way that he talks about topics that most young people are afraid to speak up about. He lets his fans know it’s ok to be yourself and that’s really important.

We arrived at the venue after a two-hour journey and a 45-minute detour that should have only taken two minutes, crazy I know! We saw the queue which was still pretty short so we decided to head to Nandos to keep warm as we still had ages to wait.

After a while, we then checked into our hotel and headed back to start queuing up, considering it was only 1 pm and it didn’t start till 7 pm, it’s safe to say we were a bit stupid to wait that long but after meeting loads of people in the line and having fun and talking, it made the time go quicker. It was so nice to see how welcoming some fans where and how much music can bring people together.

After the six hours passed by, I could barely feel my feet or my hands but it was finally time to go in, of course, trying to get through is always chaotic. We finally got to the floor and got pretty close to the front, we were only around four rows back so we had a fantastic view of the stage.

Whilst we waited they played some awesome music from Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco and many more. Everyone was already getting on and singing loudly before the concert even kicked off and that was pretty special.

The support act Saint PHNX came on first and they were brilliant then at around 9 pm the suspense kicked in as we all knew who was about to bless the stage.

‘Yungblud’ flashed in bright white font, as his voice trembled over the music. Then a dark shadow appeared of him behind the curtain, holding a flag and looking down and at that point, I knew that if this was just the start the rest was going to be amazing. He then came running onto the stage, with the biggest smile on his face and there wasn’t one point that he wasn’t ecstatic.

He came on and said: ”in this family, you can be whoever you want to be without judgment, you can look like whoever you want to look like, you can love whoever you want to love and you can identify anyway you want too.”

He then jumped straight into ’21st-century liability’ and of course, for anyone that knows that song, it’s pretty upbeat and crazy and obviously the crowd had to reflect that. But sadly some people were pushing hard, shoving and being extremely rough and not really having respect for others, which was a let down especially as it was my first time seeing him, but it didn’t ruin the fact that I was still there, listening to his music live.

Yungblud played a lot of songs from his newest EP ‘The Underrated Youth’ and some old classics. The connection he had with the crowd was special and every song he sang would make the crowd go crazy, people were singing their hearts out, lighting up the room with the torches from their phones. Flashing lights, sparklers going off in the back, pink streamers falling from the ceiling and not to mention the pink flags everywhere, it was truly an insane show.

Some of his songs are a lot more smooth and personally, those ones are my favourite as you can really hear how good his voice is. I did have to spend most of the time watching from the sidelines because the crowd was too much but I felt more comfortable there and proceeded to have a good time.

‘Casual Sabotage’ and ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’ are two of my all-time favorites and getting to see him sing them live in front of me was something I’ll never forget.

Towards the end, the confetti cannon exploded as he finished his last song and he announced that after the show he was going to come out onto the floor and see everyone, of course, I waited.

After around 15 minutes he came out everyone screamed, he had the cheekiest grin on his face. He started right at the front signed a few things and then slowly moved towards the middle. He got some fans to lift him up so he could say hello to everyone.

He then proceeded to sing the chorus for ‘Hope For The Undderated Youth’ and everyone sang back, it was a beautiful moment. Then Yungblud being him, got out a bottle of champagne and sprayed the crowd with it and said ‘I love you all so much.’ Even though I didn’t get to meet him properly, he gave me direct eye contact and that was the best feeling.

Even though I spent most of the night at the side due to some people in the crowd taking it a bit to far, I still had an amazing night. I’ve never met a musician who cares so much for his fans and I can’t wait to see him again in May!




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