UNIfied Weekly Quiz / #007

The final question of last week’s quiz was about the age of footballer Kazuyoshi Miura, with the answer being 52.

Now I thought that was old for a footballer, I wouldn’t have put it in otherwise.

Well. This week I saw this headline:

‘The Egyptian Football Association has announced the registration of what it believes is the oldest professional player in the world.

Third-tier club 6th October have signed 74-year-old Eez Eldin Bahder.’

Shocked. In disbelief. How is that possible?

And no, not because he’s 74, but because there is an Egyptian football team called 6th October. 6th October.

Anyway best of luck with the quiz, and just think: if a 74-year-old man can play professional football, you can get more than 15 on the quiz, right?

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