Story of my life: being a directioner for almost a decade

With it being almost 10 years since the most iconic boy band of the decade formed, it got me thinking of all the memories and made me feel quite nostalgic.

It’s hard to put it into words what it feels like loving them so much without sounding like an obsessed fangirl (which I probably am).

Even though they have been on hiatus for almost 5 years now, and I doubt I could recall each of their birthdays the way that I used to, I still love them all the same and the One Direction fan base will never die.

Hopefully 2020 will be the year that they get back together and give us what we want, but if not we will still be supporting them all in their solo careers.

It all started in 2010…

Their X Factor journey was something spectacular, as they grew closer and closer throughout the series. They originally auditioned as solo acts but were put together by Simon Cowell and Nicole Sherzinger as a group because they wasn’t strong enough on their own.

No one could have known the success they’d achieve

To this day they are still The X Factor’s most successful creation. Their video diaries that they released each week let the fans get to know their personalities more, and made the connection grow stronger. When the result came back that they came in third place, the fans didn’t stop supporting and wouldn’t let it be the end of One Direction. They released their debut number 1 single What Makes You Beautiful and the rest was history.

The dedicated fans shared them all over social media until they had no choice but to conquer America, and they smashed it.

Trying to get noticed

Loving One Direction but being unable to afford their concert tickets and book signing events felt like the worst thing ever. I’d look on Twitter every day and see all these lucky fans that had met the boys or been to their shows.

I would try my best to get noticed on Twitter every day, but of course nothing worked. Me and my friend even made a music video to One Thing and uploaded it to YouTube thinking it would go viral, (of course it didn’t).


YouTube music video we made to One Thing. (I am not going to link the video because it is highly embarrassing)

My first concert

I was 14 when my friend got us tickets to see them at the 02 arena in 2013 for their Take Me Home tour. I’d never been to a live concert before, so I felt so lucky that the first one I’d go to was to see my favourite band in the world.

The fans were so crazy and excited and I’d never seen anything like it. Being our young and immature selves we tried to hunt the boys down in the surrounding area of the arena before the concert, thinking we’d be lucky enough to just bump into them in Nando’s.

Our seats weren’t the best, I was hoping I’d see Harry’s curls up close, but I could only just about see the stage.

Being there in the same room as them was enough for me, and I felt so grateful to be apart of their amazing tour supporting them. We went on to go to their stadium tour the year after.

On The Road Again

When we got to about 16, they announced their last tour for a while, On The Road Again. We saw them at the 02, but it just didn’t feel like enough.

About a month before their last tour date, which was Halloween in 2015 at Sheffield arena, we started looking up tickets online and coach prices from Ramsgate.

We managed to scrape the money together through different family members and bought the tickets off someone on Twitter, it was so spontaneous and exciting.

We travelled from Ramsgate at 6am all the way to Sheffield, which took us about 10 hours, but it was completely worth it. It felt so amazing to be apart of their final tour date and emotions were at a high. It was the best concert I’d ever been to.

Their final hug at the end of the concert got everyone crying

Just over a month later they performed at the BBC music awards in Birmingham that we couldn’t miss and also got the coach. We went to the red carpet event before the show and saw them close up, when Niall took my best friends phone and got a selfie with us, however it didn’t exactly go how I wanted it to.

Absolute fail of a selfie

I just laughed because if I didn’t do that I would have cried.

Supporting them individually

So once they announced their hiatus it was hard, but it was also exciting when they started to do their own music.

Me and my bestie went to Harry’s first tour at the 02 and it was honestly amazing. She got me tickets for my birthday in one of the booths with our own bar and a meal before the show in the 02 restaurant.

We also plan to go to his 2nd tour in April.

At the 02 arena in 2018

The future

The future for One Direction still remains unknown, their 10th anniversary will be on July 23rd 2020, so maybe they’ll do something for us then.

All of their solo careers are going amazing at the moment, so we might have to wait a little bit longer.

Whenever it happens, I’ll be supporting them and so will the millions of other fans all around the world, because they’ve changed lives and there will never be another band like them.

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