Varsity 2020: Ones to watch

With this years Varsity fast approaching, we’re taking a look at the players tipped to impress.

But first, give this a watch…



Basketball captain Tudor Criveanu one to watch is will Evans. He said: “This year one of the main contributors to the team both offensively and defensively has been Will Evans.

“He has been a very exciting player to watch the whole season due to his incredible shooting ability from close range but especially from the 3-point area.

“Despite a terrible car accident in which Will was involved this year which caused him to sit out a few games due to his injured shoulder, he has worked hard to get back on the basketball court with the team and perform at a higher level than before.

“While he wasn’t able to play basketball he was still doing everything he could to help the team off the court by fulfilling his role as President.

“His input has helped the team improve a lot from the start of the year and that is why we are looking forward to seeing him perform at the highest level in Varsity on Saturday the 7th of March.”

Will Evans


For Netball 1’s: “My one to watch for this years Varsity is fresher Drew Goold! She has been a brilliant throughout this year and has been a consistent and key player in the squad.

“She has such determination to do well in every game and in any position that she plays! I’m sure she’ll be flying in for many interceptions in  our varsity game this year.”

Drew Goold

“Netball 2’s one to watch for this season is Holly Jones. She is a fresher this year and always plays with such focus and determination. She works hard in training which translates into games too which you will see her getting many interceptions.

“For someone who isn’t very vocal, she dominates the defensive circle!”

Holly Jones

Netball 3’s captain Imogen Ford said: “3’s player to watch is Erin Wallace. Erin came to the 3’s as a GA and showed great determination and enthusiasm for being changed to GD.

“Not only did Erin take this in her stride but sought to improve every training session which has resulted in her being a valued player on court and we look forward to watching her at her 1st varsity.”

Erin Wallace

Netball 4’s one to watch is Mia Fiore. Captain Sam Murdoch said: “The way she has improved this season is unreal.

“She is an amazing wing attack and she is always at training always giving her all in matches and she is always encouraging the other girls to do their best.

“Can’t wait for everyone to see her play at Varsity.”

Mia has improved so much this season


“Beth is such a pleasure to watch on stage her technique and performance quality oozes professional standard!

“She has really proven to be a brilliant fresher dancer, using her background of ballet to help her enhance her ability to go a try Advanced contemporary, Jazz and novice street. Her drive and passion for dance explodes out of her when she takes the stage showing off real stage presences and star quality.”



“For cheerleading, our ‘One to Watch’ is Ellie Harris. She’s a fresher who has previous cheer experience but has shown huge growth as a side base these past months. She’s proven herself to be such a strong member of our team and is able to adapt to any position she is put in.

“Though she’s struggled with injuries on her wrists, she’s shown no signs of easing up and always manages to keep everyone motivated. Watch out for her debut as a flyer for the C4 Jets during our Varsity performance.”

Ellie Harris

Women’s Football

“This years player to watch is Mia Hyland. Mia has very strong knowledge of the game and is confident in her ability to execute her role in central midfield.

“In addition she has great strength on the ball and is a very versatile player, making her strong in both attacking and defensive situations. she has great communication skills, and her desire and drive to never give up makes her a real asset to this team.”

Mia Hyland

Men’s Cricket

The first teams one to watch this year is Harry Harding. First team and club captain Jack Wheeler said: “Some of his performances this year have been up there with the heroics of the great Jack Leach.

“The 18-year-old left arm off spinner really seems to have the ball on a piece of string. Some of his performances have been the reason we have been so successful this year, one of which included a five-wicket haul, which in indoor cricket is unheard of.

“It’s certain he will never hide away from the game, he will never just ‘leave it to Stoksey.’

“He always wants to  be involved in the game as much as possible, a proper Team Christ Church attitude!

“He’s a born match winner. I am excited to see how he performs in the biggest game of the year.”


Harry Harding

The second teams one to watch is Harrison Ward. Twos captain Ollie Johnson said: “Harrison has had a solid season with the bat and ball, producing match winning performances.

“He is a batting allrounder who’s brute force style of batting can take the game away from anyone.

“A gentle giant who has the ability to change a match with his accurate bowling or an outstanding piece of fielding, Harrison could really be the difference when it comes to Varsity.”

Harrison Ward

Women’s Cricket

“Our one to watch is Jodie Hobson. Jodie has a real add to the team. Extremely good at all areas of the game, quick in fielding and has a solid knowledge of the game.

“She’s helped us win games in BUCs with her quality batting and bowling. Looking forward to her performance in varsity and our outdoor season.”

Jodie Hobson


“Sarah Hollinsworth has been our varsity captain for the last two years now. She competed at varsity in her first year. Even though she had only been riding for five years prior. She then went onto join our BUC’s team but has returned to us in her fourth year to give it one last shot.

“Along side her PGCE she has been training weekly trying to squeeze everything in. Showing dedication to the team throughout. She’s definitely one to watch as she has come on hugely from her first year of riding, learning to be able to adapt to different horses and ride with confidence. This year she is attempting both jump and dressage on the day.

“Hopefully along side her team we can get the win for the third year in a row!”

Sarah Hollinsworth

“Also, Abbie Sykes has been an essential part of our team over the last two years. She is always found riding with a massive smile on her face. Showing massive dedication to our team she always turns up. She rode in varsity last year for jump. Similar to Sarah this was her first ever riding comp and she will be competing for jump again this year!

“Her riding has come on leaps and bounds over the last year, showing that she is more than capable of getting on any of the horses and riding confidently and effectively throughout. We can’t wait to see how this shows in her jump scores!”

Abbie Sykes

Women’s Lacrosse

“Tess Catherall has shown a fantastic desire throughout starting lacrosse this year in training and games, through her determination to win the ball and carry the team forward in attack.

“She will continue to shine on the pitch at varsity!”

Tess Catherall

Men’s Lacrosse

“My player to watch is Chris Winnard, number 31.

“He’s in to his fourth year of lacrosse at Canterbury Christ Church and is a strong, tough tackling defender, with plenty of confidence to get forward and join the attack.”

Chris Winnard


“George Bussey joined the team in September and has become a very committed member. He never misses a session and pushes himself to improve after every achievement.”

George Bussey

“Emily Ing also joined our team in September. Her dedication to the team is unchallenged, she always brings a smile to somebody’s face at training. She is a big team player and we look forward to seeing what she has in store at varsity.”

Emily Ing

Men’s Football

Men’s Football 4’s: “Callum Mearns. Tough one with such a good season we’ve had (Nelson, Jordan, Sam all good mentions) but Callum has been with myself since the start and what a player he’s turned into.

“Top goal scorer this season, he’s really come into his own as striker and it would be right to tribute his send off with a one to watch.”

Callum Mearns

Women’s Rugby

“Women’s Rugby one to watch is Lucy Relf. Fresher Lucy is one of the teams most versatile players having played in so many different positions across the season, no matter where on the pitch I put her she puts in 100% and always excels.

“She may be small but her tackling ability is something UKC should be worried about. I can’t wait to see her stepping round UKC on Sunday.”

Lucy Relf

Men’s Badminton

“For Men’s Badminton 1’s our player to watch is Daniel Blake. He’s won the most matches this year, including two singles wins against UKC 2s in the league. He’s a very technically gifted player, who plays with flair and deception.”

Daniel Blake

“For Men’s Badminton 2’s this year our one to watch is Josh Rose. Since the start of the season he has been striving to improve every match and is very hard working. On the court he’s quick and has a powerful smash that is often hard to return.”

Josh Rose

Women’s Badminton

“Our one to watch would be Aimee Dyson. She’s a third year now and she has improved a lot as a singles player which is why we think it’s worth watching her performance for varsity.”

Aimee Dyson

Men’s Hockey

Men’s Hockey 1’s one to watch is Ryan Devlin. First team captain Ethan West said: “Ryan has been an influential figure on the pitch and has been a key player in the development of our team.

“He has transitioned from midfield to defence with ease and has brought serious composure to our backline. On the ball he is able to find a foot with precision and in defence is rock solid.

“Ryan optimises CCU men’s hockey by always enjoying his time on the pitch and keeping team spirit high, so be prepared to see some quality hockey from the man.”

Ryan Devlin

Women’s Hockey

Women’s Hockey 1’s one to watch is Tara Bossano-Anes. Captain Ellie Johnson said: “Her determination and persistence throughout games allows her to demonstrate her silky skills as a centre back.

“Her team spirit is always present and is always making everyone laugh.”

Tara Bossano-Anes

“Women’s Hockey 2’s ‘one to watch’ is Leah Giesen. She has improved so much over the season, gaining confidence and securing her place as a vital member of the team.”

Leah Giesen

Pole Fitness

“Being a second year member of Pole Fitness, the team have witnessed the incredible transformation of Charlotte and we could not be more proud of her! We have seen her rise with confidence so much so that she is now the co-lead in our group category for Varsity and our competition, being the lead of this she is bringing power and confidence.

“From someone who was quite shy and cautious in sessions, she now throws herself in whenever she can to improve her skills and learn new things. She always offers help with things the committee are doing which just shows her commitment and dedication to the team. We are looking forward to seeing her perform at Varsity and seeing what she goes on to achieve next year.”



Good luck to all teams competing in Varsity this week and make sure you come and watch as many fixtures as you can!

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