Varsity 2020: Top tips if you’re going to watch and support Team Christ Church

It’s not long until Christ Church take on UKC in Canterbury Varsity 2020!

Whether you’re apart of a sports team or not: it is something to get excited about (trust me).

Varsity is one of the biggest weeks at University

You may be planning to only go and watch your friends, or the sports you know the rules of… or you may be planning on not missing a single one.

Regardless, here are UNIfied’s top tips for being a good spectator:

1. Take your phone:  Get involved on social media using the hashtag #Canterburyvarsity take pictures, boomerangs, videos of the team in action and boost everybody up!

Rugby Varsity 2019!

2. CHEER: Make as much noise as possible, there is nothing worse than playing/performing to a silent crowd!

Netball Varsity 2019.

Did you know there is a new point system at Varsity this year?

3. Talk to people: This is the one week more than any other that you can make friends! Talk to people, support Team Christ Church as a whole! It is a week that just must be filled with team spirit!

Snowsports Varsity 2019.

4. Have any kit, stash, university jumpers? Wear them! Be proud to be part of C4. Show off your team and your heritage.

Cheerleading Varsity 2019.

5. Finally, just be a good sport! Show no bitterness towards Kent or our own here at Christ Church. Win or lose, have a positive attitude and good energy!

Football Varsity 2019!
Who is going to win Canterbury Varsity 2020?

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We hope you are all excited and ready for Varsity!

Bring it on!

To see all of the fixtures in this years Varsity click here.
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