Kent Coast - Ken Matcham

Varsity 2020: UKC take the points in the first match

The opening game of Canterbury Varsity was played out on Sunday with UKC beating CCCU in American Football.

C4 Chargers fell to a 22-0 defeat to the Kent Falcons at the UKC Sports Pavilion.

That result means Kent lead 3-0 overall.

Kent Coast – Ken Matcham

The Chargers captain Ollie Botham spoke to UNIfied after the match:

“Leading into this game, I know both teams could feel the excitement and neither one could wait to get going! UKC started the game off well and their offence seemed persistent on testing our Defence deep, for most of the game, which is always fun to play against.

“Their offence got some good plays off leading to their 3 TD lead and their defence were tough to move the ball against. But, with a Chargers team that has been through so much this season including a 5-game consecutive schedule, countless injuries, departing players, departing coaches, tough weather conditions, unofficiated games and much more… I couldn’t be any prouder of those Chargers out there as they all stayed in that game till the end and fought back as hard as they could against a very good team.

“I know, for myself, I left it all out on the field with my fellow brothers and sisters. With a squad of around half compared to UKC, each and every Charger knew it was their job to stand strong and play hard as long as they could and that’s all I could ever ask for. It was a tough result but an electric vibe as we all cherished the game together and reflected on what a journey we’ve had as a team. Congrats to the Falcons on another big W, it was well deserved and fought for. We’ll see you next year for another run under those lights.”

Here are some photos from the first Varsity game courtesy of Ken Matcham:

Kent Coast – Ken Matcham
Kent Coast – Ken Matcham
Kent Coast – Ken Matcham
Kent Coast – Ken Matcham
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