Why CCCU needs to do more: Opinion

The latest update from the Canterbury Christ Church University has students shell shocked, Johnny Amos and Chloe Mills investigate.

With universities up and down the country closing last week due to the coronavirus pandemic, lectures have been cancelled and are now being taught remotely… although some students haven’t had any. 

Not enough is being done by the university to actually help the students, especially those in their final year. 

Nothing has been put into place by Christ Church University to compensate for these uncertain times.  

If you need an extension for any piece of work then you still need to fill out Extenuating Circumstances form as usual, there are no extenuating circumstances automatically given, which during a pandemic we find above all else strange.

It seems to us that the university is hiding behind what other universities and not wanting to break away from the norm to help it’s student’s and saff.

The university stressed that it was going to do all they could to help students, but really it has done nothing.  The CCCU social media has been ‘updating’ the staff and students over the last couple of days. But all they have been putting out is the same press releases just written differently.

You can find the latest press release here.

Constant emails from CCCU saying nothing new are not helpful for students, only continuing to fill them with false hope of an answer for their future studies.

We asked the student’s of Canterbury Christ Church University what their thoughts were on the latest news. 

Not only does this affect the students of this University, what about the poor lecturers who are now not only doing their full time job but are also homeschooling their children? They are also having to cope with a tremendous change to not only their working lives but their home lives too.

With some lecturers having hundreds of students work to mark, it seems the University have not even considered them in this incredibly baffling decision to keep deadlines as they are and not allow for any extensions.

Such extensions would not affect the University year, they would merely allow students more time to adjust to their new remote studies and provide them with the time they need to find access to resources remotely, which is evidently going to be extremely difficult.

Alongside this, more needs to be done for lecturers in terms of their marking schedules being extended as at a guess I would say more of them than not have children at home that are in need of looking after. Having one full time job in these remote times is hard enough, let alone two. 

Inevitably, it is understandable that third year students should finish their academic studies to the full. Yes, all students should complete every remaining assessment, including the Dissertation in order to graduate. However, why they are not being given even a small amount of extra time to do so is a truly shocking decision. 

E-resources are available to students however not having a physical library to study in and utilise the physical resources, makes writing a dissertation incredibly difficult. 

Some students do not have access to such resources at home so it is unfair that they are being told to stick to the same deadlines. Also, with the library now being shut most students do not have access to computers, books, printers and other key services. 

With a lack of care being displayed to students being shown in regards to their studies, this also raises concerns about Graduation. Third year students across the country are worrying about whether or not they will graduate, if they will have a ceremony (delayed or not) this is also something that is yet to be addressed, but incredibly important to our students and many others.

Do you agree?


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