Floor Is Lava – your childhood fantasy brought to life

Self-described as the “hottest gameshow in history”, Netflix’s Floor Is Lava gives a nostalgic nod to a game we all played with our friends as kids.

We jumped across various pieces of furniture to the dismay of our parents, as we imagined that the floor was a dangerous surface not to be touched for the game’s duration, most commonly pretending that it was lava.


The concept?

In Netflix’s recreation of the game, teams of three attempt to make it through stages of the competition by scaling obstacles to reach the exit, without touching the ominous red liquid filling the room.
The show has a very similar feel to the American Total Wipeout (known as Wipeout USA), but with an element of ‘danger’ that adds suspense to the contestants’ run. The show combines the Wipeout style with that of an escape room, as the teams have to strategically move around the room to get to different objects. The contestants have to use these objects in order to reveal helpful structures, making their exit easier (or even possible).

The contestants?

The best part about Floor Is Lava? The contestants are full grown ADULTS. We all secretly dream of recreating our favourite childhood games, and these people actually get to live out that dream. Watching the show lets you live vicariously through them as they experience a ‘grown-up’ version of the game. The teams are made up of friends, work colleagues, siblings, and parents with their older children. Some teams are focused on the $10,000 prize, while others are mainly worried about embarrassing themselves on TV. This includes a team of teachers who don’t want their students to see them fail, which is understandable considering how students would probably react if a CCCU lecturer did the same.

Overall thoughts?

The episodes are short, so they get the job done without dragging on so that you lose interest. There’s also no connection between each episode, so you’re not left with a frustrating cliffhanger. However, it’s best to watch them in order as you see flashbacks of particularly satisfying successes and failures. Realistically the show isn’t going to win any awards as a magnificent dramatic work, but all in all it’s entertaining. It’s definitely worth a go if you want a fun, easy watch.

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