Group of Six students at Tokyo Tearooms, Canterbury nightclub

What Student nightlife looks like under current Covid rules

Covid19 has affected a lot of different people in many different ways but it has had a harsh impact on students, especially those who are beginning university this year. 

As the idea of a 10pm curfew lingers, a key concern is how the nightlife economy has already been impacted and how this will further affect them.

How a usual fresher’s week would look

Matthew Jones-Roberts is the promotional manager for Club Chemistry and Tokyo Tearooms, two popular nightclubs in Canterbury.

He feels that the nightclubs should be reopened due to the fact that the target audience for nightclubs is very low risk. 

Matthew said: “The regulations unfairly discriminate against young people, especially students. Young people are the group least likely to be affected by the virus as most of them live with other young people and measures in public spaces are designed to prevent the spread of the virus.” 

When attending nightclubs, due to the rule of six, students need to remain in the bubbles that they arrive in and these can be no more than six people, this makes it difficult for university students to socialise and interact with other students.

Reanna Griffith, a third year student at Canterbury Christ Church University has said: “It’s going to be really difficult for first year students to socialise and meet other people. 

“A key part of my first year was going out and meeting new people which is very difficult under the current Covid restrictions. 

“I think that because of this there will be a lot more students drinking at home which isn’t as safe an environment because there isn’t security or measures in place. 

“The thing that I miss the most is being able to dance with my friends.”

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