REVIEW: Chocolate Cafe

As my university journey is heading towards the end, I realised I needed to try more of the independent restaurants, cafes and bars in Canterbury. I went to the Chocolate Cafe this week and here is what I thought:

Me and my friend decided we wanted to go somewhere other than the library to do uni work, when we stumbled across a beautiful little place called ‘the Chocolate Cafe’ which was as divine as it sounds, we thought it was the perfect place.

We went and sat upstairs in the study area and set our laptops up whilst the waitress got our order.

They had an amazing menu with a great selection of crepes, waffles, cakes, sandwiches, coffee, milkshakes; you name it. I was especially impressed with their vegetarian options and their great prices, there was something on the menu that anyone would like.

I ordered a mozzerella, olive and sun-dried tomato toasted sandwich with an iced latte. The food came really quickly, it was all delicious and fresh with fantastic service, I couldn’t fault it.


We stayed for a couple of hours to study and overall really enjoyed the time that we were there, with the study room being really relaxing. I will definitely be going back as there was nothing about the cafe that I didn’t like, my friend agreed. It’s a perfect place for students in Canterbury and something different.

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