Students feel that their mental wellbeing has not been supported over the lockdown period

In a recent survey conducted by Unified, it confirmed that 67% of students at CCCU did not feel that their mental wellbeing was supported by the university over the lockdown period. 

Another 83% felt that the SU could have been doing more to support them at that time. 

An anonymous student said: “We haven’t heard from the wellbeing officer at the student union. 

“We have had very little communication which could be improved. Just a check in to make people know they have the support would be good.” 

Becky Thompson, president of the Student Union said: “Throughout the pandemic, we supported students in the best way possible and were quick in responding to the changing guidance. 

Becky Thompson, Student Union President

“On the first day of lockdown, we developed a week of timetabled virtual events to ensure people were still able to stay in touch and look after their wellbeing.

“We always have the best interests of our students at heart and work tirelessly to ensure we respond to their needs in a quick and helpful way. 

“We’re still here, representing your interests to the University and working alongside University staff to ensure all students have the best possible experience despite the restrictions Covid-19 has placed on all of us. Like many University staff, we are mostly continuing to work from home but all our services are up and running.”

Moving forward the university are creating wellbeing boxes that will be sent out to all students in isolation initially and all students who are vulnerable in the Canterbury and Medway area.

Staff and Sabbs are also volunteering to make calls to all isolating students throughout their two weeks to ensure they have the support and are signposted to the right places around the University.

You can access the Covid advice team here –

If you want to contact the mental health team at the university you can do so here –

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