What your university is doing to support you

These are challenging times for everyone, due to the universities not being included in the national lockdown many students have chosen to stay here during the lockdown period. 

Canterbury Christ Church has a lot of things in place to protect the mental wellbeing of their students. 

Currently the SU is delivering wellbeing boxes to students who are self isolating in university halls. 

Becky Thompson, the CCCU Student Union President has said: “Currently we provide wellbeing boxes for all students who are self-isolating in accommodations. 

“These include a blanket, 2 games to play at home, hand cream, colouring book, pens, a lovely little notebook, flashing foam stick, water, toilet roll, lollypop, tea bags and playing cards!

“These have been donated from several different sources including Club Chemistry (who are always happy to help students), estates and facilities,  health and wellbeing and the chaplaincy and even some lovely students, however, the SU has paid over £1500 and will continue to fund them as long as necessary.


One of the happy self isolating student receiving the wellbeing box

“Everyone has pulled together so well to support and we will continue to provide this for all those self-isolating up until the end of the academic year! We pack the boxes on a Wednesday and deliver Thursday- we get the names of students from accommodation so there is no need for students to fill in a form. This then means we can make sure everyone who needs one is getting one.

They’ve been really well received and I’ve had some smiley students (through the doors of course).” 


Becky Thompson and Matthew Jones Robert (Promotions manager at Club Chemistry) delivering the boxes

The university is also running a virtual drop in if you need a chat Monday – Friday between 12 and 1.

If you feel you need any support, get in contact with the universities wellbeing team here.


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