Students of Canterbury Christ Church give their feedback on asymptomatic testing

All you need to know on asymptomatic testing and how it went at CCCU.

Asymptomatic testing was rolled out across universities in Kent with the aim to get students home safely and swiftly for the festive break.
Testing centres were set up at CCCU, The University of Kent and University for the Creative Arts.
Universities Minister Michelle Donelan told Kent Online: “We are committed to get students back to their loved ones for the Christmas holidays as safely as possible, after this challenging year.
Our plans already minimise the risk of students moving at the end of term, through staggered departure dates in the ‘student travel window’.
But testing will offer further assurances that students can keep their families safe this winter, and I urge all students who can to take the tests on offer.”

What is the asymptomatic test?

It is a self swab test which can generate a result in as little as one hour.
The asymptomatic test centre was open at CCCU from the 3rd to the 9th of December.
It was advised that students have two tests before returning home to be certain they were safe.
If students tested negative on both tests, they were safe to go home.
But, if they tested negative they had to self isolate for 10 days.

Was it compulsory?

No. Taking one of these tests was not compulsory but it was strongly recommended. The aim of these tests was to break the transmission train of Covid-19.
How many students and staff have tested positive so far at CCCU?
Each Monday CCCU publish the latest positive COVID cases across the university.
The numbers are out of 15,000 students and about 2,000 staff.
What were the students’ opinions?
We asked you if you got a test and here’s what you said:
The majority of you that voted said you didn’t get a test. (62% did not get a test)
Our poll on Instagram
But when we asked you if you thought the test was a waste of time, only 18% said yes.
Our poll on Instagram
We also asked if you thought it was a useful way to get students home safely and quickly for Christmas and most of you said yes.
(78% voted yes that the test was useful)
Our poll on Instagram
So these results may be a little confusing. Despite most people thinking this test was a useful way to get students home quickly and safely for the holidays, only 38% said they actually got a test.
We want to know why.
Were students scared of getting a negative result and not being able to go home as quickly as they would have liked to?
With it being the end of semester one, were students too busy with deadlines and assessments?
Could students just not be bothered?
Was it too difficult to book a test?
We have contacted the people in charge of conducting the tests at CCCU for some opinions…
In the meantime, get in touch with any thoughts you have on the asymptomatic test!

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