Student Union President says that there is ‘very little chance’ of students getting a refund on tuition fees

There has been some uproar from the Christ Church student community after Becky Thompson, the Student Union president, posted a video to Facebook saying that it is unlikely students will receive a reimbursement for their tuition fees this year. 

In the video Becky explains that tuition fees are ‘complicated.’ She said that these funds are what pay for all the resources and lecturers at the university and if they were to be reimbursed, this would cause these resources to slowly dwindle.

Becky said: “If you were to get a refund to get that knocked off of your loan, you are not going to get any money back. You are not physically going to see any money probably not even in the future because you are unlikely to pay it back. Only 30% of students actually ever pay back their loans in full.” 

Becky Thompson, Student Union President

Becky’s video prompted some angry responses on Facebook from the viewers. 

One student replied: “If universities treat students like a never ending reel of customers at a checkout then students have every right to treat them in the same regard. You can’t simply say that “it’s not that straightforward”, because that is irrelevant. We have paid for a service, and that service has not been honoured, regardless of who is at fault.” 

Another commented: “What about the people who do actually pay their loan money back, it’s not fair to push it aside because ‘most of you won’t be earning enough to pay your loan back’.” 

Christ Church student Union have said that they will be releasing a statement about this within the next few days. 


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