CCSU Elections 2021: Full list of Candidates

It’s that time of year again for the candidates of the CCSU Elections to campaign like never before.

This year, the elections events and voting will be occurring online.

UNIfied is going to be following the elections and finding out all the details about the candidates manifestos and how they are going to adapt to campaigning online.

We will be interviewing candidates and attending the Election Debate Night to be able to give you a full run down in-case you miss it.

CCSU Tweet Announcing Candidates

The Online Election Debate Night is on the 5th of March 5pm-7pm. This is a golden opportunity for candidates to showcase their manifesto and tell the students what they want to achieve in the next year.

Then, online voting opens on the 8th of March at 9am and closes on the 10th of March at 5pm.

Election Events 2021

Each Presidency explained

The Union President focuses on the academic experience as the main purpose for students at the university.

The President of Engagement and Sports focuses on the engagement with the students’ union, as well as sports and physical extracurricular activity as part of the student experience.

The President for Campaigns and Societies will focus on coordinating the Union’s campaigns, supporting student-led campaigns and making sure the creation and sustainability of student groups and students’ skills development.

Finally, the President for Community, Diversity and Inclusion focuses on promoting inclusion for all students, championing diversity, ensuring students’ wellbeing and supporting the advancement of students as citizens in society.

So, who are our candidates?

Union President:

Max Chesson,

Oliver King,

Jake Warman and

Dan Bichener


President of Engagement and Sports 

Maddy Young.


The President for Campaigns and Societies:

Laurie Clothier,

Beth Elwood and

Diana Khirthi Jude.


President for Community, Diversity and Inclusion:

Gevish Kumar Kheddo,

Frankie McGregor,

Gary Page,

Bethan O’Dea,

Ahmad Brooke,

Simon Ahsan and Anand Rajan.


So far, each candidate has uploaded their manifesto on CCSU’s website.

Click this link to read what they are hoping to do if they are elected:


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