Marlowe Theatre launch online workshops

Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre has launched a series of free online voice workshops. 

With the theatre closed due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions, six sessions have been made available on their YouTube channel.

The project, called ‘Re-Finding Your Voice’, is being led by the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) voice coach Michael Corbridge, who has delivered workshops to professional actors all over the world.

The sessions can be watched by anyone, even people without any acting experience, and include improving posture and learning how to project your voice.

It starts a partnership project for The Marlowe with the RSC called Shakespeare Nation, attempting to turn Kent into a county of Shakespeare lovers.

The Marlowe Theatre

Paul Ainsworth, The Marlowe’s associate director, said:

“We wanted to create something that would help people to keep using their voice in a year when many people are speaking less.

This initiative is the start of a much wider project – Shakespeare Nation, which will bring people from across our community together to create something really special. Kent has a unique resonance within Shakespeare’s world. The landscape and people of Kent, including Christopher Marlowe, was part of Shakespeare’s England and his plays. This gives us a unique opportunity to celebrate what it means to us here today.”

All of the workshop videos are available to stream now on The Marlowe Theatre’s YouTube Channel.

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