Pre-results night feelings

In just under one hour, we find out who our next Students’ Union representatives are.


After just over a week of campaigning, 668 votes and a heated debate night, the long awaited results night is here.

CCSU Results Night

As the candidates wait in anticipation, here’s how some said they are feeling…

“nervous! very nervous” – Dan Bichener


“I’m excited and nervous I can’t wait to find out who’s got the roles.” – Frankie McGregor


“I’m excited to see who our Sabbs will be for the next year, and look forward to working alongside them, whether that’s as union president, or a student trustee, I’m sure we’ll make a great team.” – Oliver King


“Understandably a mix of emotions but I am a strong believer in fate so regardless the result, all will happen for a reason.” – Bethan O’Dea



All of the candidates this year have taken campaigning online in their stride.

Candidates; Dan BichenerMaddy Young, Frankie McGregor and Bethany Elwood have been endorsing each other throughout the elections.

This fantastic four even managed to get some famous faces involved in plugging their campaigns…

To view the full Basil Brush video click here!


To view the results live at 5pm – join the Facebook group by clicking here.

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