Your new Students’ Union representatives

Last night begun with feelings of anticipation but followed with some well deserved celebrations.

After the results night video was delayed by two hours, the suspense was weighing heavy on the candidates of the Students’ Union elections.

But, it was worth the wait after we found out our new representatives of the Students’ Union for 2021-2022.


Here are how the new representatives are feeling…

Union President – Dan Bichener

I’m absolutely buzzing to have won the election and to have been voted in by so many people! So excited to get started in the summer and take on this role. It’s not going to be easy but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Can’t wait to bring students back onto the campus and help to make next year the best it could possibly be!



President (Sports and Engagement) – Maddy Young

I am overwhelmed with all the support that everyone has given, so a massive thank you for that. I have so much I want to give back to Team Christ church and I am so excited to get to work on making positive change. This really is a fabulous community ~ thank you all



President (Campaigns and Societies) – Bethany Elwood

Wow what a mix of emotions. I am so so grateful to be doing this role for another year. We have had so much love and support throughout these elections- it’s just surreal. I cannot wait to work with the incoming sabb team. All four of us really have student experience and well-being at the forefront, and I cannot wait to see what we do next year!



President (Community, Diversity and Inclusion) – Frankie McGregor 

I’m am so shocked I can’t believe I got the role but am absolutely excited at the same time. I’m really looking forward to working with the other sabbs and being able to work with many students groups and being able to achieve my manifesto points



This fantastic four worked hard and certainly took campaigning to a whole new level.

One of their tactics was getting some famous faces involved…


There is no doubt that this team won’t stop until they achieve greatness for CCCU. We look forward to seeing what our new presidents are going to do for us in the coming months…

Our new presidents virtually celebrating together last night


To watch the full results night video click here.

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