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Love Island 2021: Week Four

Fasten your seatbelts, everyone. Week Four was INTENSE, with several Islanders making their way in and out of the villa. Let’s catch up on one hell of a week, shall we?

Where did we get to?

We were just about to see the latest recoupling. The order of choosing was AJ, then Danny, then the rest of the boys.

AJ picked Hugo, then Danny picked Lucinda – which Aaron was NOT happy about. Aaron had been talking to Lucinda for a while and planned on picking her, but Danny got to go first.

Aaron chose close friend Kaz and mentioned in his speech that he wasn’t happy with what led him to his choice. Danny interrupted his words by smugly saying “Just call me a d***head”, clearly proud of the fact that he ‘got the girl’ first.

Everyone else coupled up as expected.

The last two girls were Faye and Sharon, and the last boy left to choose was Teddy. He had been happily coupled with Faye for a while, so it was certain that Sharon was going home. This brought Faye to tears before Teddy had even picked her, as she knew that one of her closest friends was about to be sent home.

As she’d been in the villa from day one, Sharon’s exit was very emotional for the Islanders. Many viewers thought Hugo seemed particularly unimpressed when AJ picked him, but it seems that he had already worked out that this meant that Sharon had to go. He was first to hug Sharon when it was official that she was leaving, and said “I’m so sorry”.

What happened after the recoupling?

After Sharon left, Aaron had a chat with Lucinda to make his intentions clear. He told her he wasn’t giving up even though Danny got to couple up with her, and she said she was happy to keep getting to know each other.

Aaron could see that Danny was watching their conversation, so he made his mark by leaning in for a kiss. Lucinda, clearly shocked by his impulsivity, leaned back and declined the kiss. She then went to talk to Danny, and Aaron chatted to the other boys. They playfully teased him for getting ‘swerved’, but seemed impressed by his courage.

The next day, the Islanders had a ‘cat and mouse’ challenge – the girls dressed as cats, the boys as mice.

The girls had to look sexy in a massive bowl of milk (yes, you read that right), then pole dance. They then unlocked their chosen mouse from his cage and made him lie down in a massive mouse trap. The cat straddled the mouse and they each shared a kiss – even platonic couple Aaron and Kaz. Kaz defended the unexpectedly sexy scene by saying “Friends kiss, right?”.

Later on, Lucinda and Danny had a chat and he said that being rejected by her would be his “worst fear”. When she then talked to Aaron about the situation, Danny watched them both with a face like thunder. A lot of people wondered why Danny was so irritated by Aaron ‘playing the game’, as he had ‘played the game’ himself by coupling up with Lucinda in the first place.

Another night in the Hideaway?

Once again, the most intimate room in the villa reopened. The Islanders selected Chloe and Toby to spend the night in the Hideaway, and they eagerly made use of it. Keeping the description brief, food was involved – and the next morning, they were all too happy to tell their friends what happened.

Who got pied (literally)?

Everyone played a game of ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’, with emphasis on the ‘pie’.

Key moments from the boys?

Jake chose to snog Kaz rather than Liberty, which he defended by saying “I knew that Lib knew there was nothing there (between him and Kaz),” and “obviously Lib was going to be number one anyway.”

He then ‘proposed’ to Liberty who accepted, and swatted her hand away when she gave him the wrong hand. He correctly put the ring on her left ring finger, laughing and saying “It would be Lib (who gave the wrong hand), wouldn’t it?!”
Jake chose to pie newbie AJ, saying “Sorry darlin’, I don’t really know ya!” as he smushed a massive cream pie onto her face.

Toby kissed his partner Chloe and proposed to friend Millie, saying “Millie Moo, I would love to marry you!” He swiped some cream from the pie onto Kaz’s nose, hinting that he’d pied her before. She said “You’re so annoying!”, and he proceeded to pie Faye.

Danny shocked the group by kissing fellow newcomer AJ rather than his partner Lucinda, and walking past Lucinda with the ring. He said she hadn’t spoken to him all day, and chose to propose to Millie instead. He actually pied Lucinda, saying “Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen!” as she squealed.

In a contrast, ‘nice boy’ Aaron chose to snog Lucinda, making it clear who he liked, as Danny booed the pair. He proposed to “wifey” Kaz, and she later said “Who else was he really going to marry?”
He smashed his pie in Faye’s face, so hard that she said “You owe me some (lip) filler!” Faye noted she’d been pied more than anyone else, but declared “I’d rather be on the mind (albeit negatively) than not on the mind at all.”

And the girls?

Kaz kissed Hugo and said “I just wanna see what he’s working with!”, then proposed to Aaron. Toby said “As soon as she picked that pie up, it was only going to one place…” He was right – Kaz attempted to pie him in the face, but he dodged it instead of taking it “like a man”.

Liberty kissed her boy Jake because she didn’t want to kiss anyone else. She proposed to Aaron because of his cheese toasties and iced coffees, and pied Toby because he’d romantically pied her bestie Kaz. Toby didn’t seem too happy about this, and they later fell out about it, but it blew over fairly quickly.

Lucinda snogged Aaron as she said their first snog in the game was “so good” that she wanted “to go in for seconds”. Danny, stood next to Aaron as this happened, looked less than pleased. She proposed to Hugo, and didn’t pie Danny because she wasn’t “petty”. She instead pied Liam, saying “I love you, but it would be weird if there was anything more”.

Credit: ITV (via Love Island on YouTube)

Faye summed the game up by saying “What more do you want from a day? You stink, but you got a kiss. Perfect.”

What happened after the game?

Danny and Lucinda talked about their relationship, and ultimately decided to call it a day as it wasn’t progressing. Danny used a questionable simile to describe the situation – he said Lucinda was “like a matte black Lamborghini that won’t start”. What he meant was that she was his dream girl, but they weren’t going anywhere.

Not long after, Lucinda went for a chat with Aaron and they shared a kiss, deciding to properly give it a go. Danny pulled AJ for a chat and they started getting to know each other too, so AJ would eventually have to choose between Danny and Hugo.

Toby and Kaz had a big disagreement after the game, as he wasn’t happy that she chose to pie him. Kaz told him that the way he treated her was “disrespectful”, because he lied to her by choosing not to tell her about kissing Chloe. Toby said that, if he had a redo, he wouldn’t change anything as he had no regrets. This offended Kaz and she walked away.

Later, Faye (sat with some girls) shouted at Toby (sat with some boys) across the villa, and Teddy got annoyed at Faye because she got involved. They settled this quickly, and viewers noted that they were very well suited because his placidity calmed her fire.

Later that night, Aaron wanted to sleep in the day beds with Lucinda but she got into her main bed with Danny after telling him “Good things come to those who wait”.

Teddy and Faye had a date the next day, and got to bond on a sweet bike ride. While they were away, Toby tried to make up with Kaz after upsetting her. He’d already tried the night before, but she refused to talk to him. Eventually she heard him out, and he apologised for the way he spoke.

That evening was ’70s Night’, which everyone loved dressing up for. Hugo and AJ ended their romance, and she went to talk to Danny and kissed him.

What’s this ‘3 for 2’ deal?

Shortly after that, the Islanders got a “can everyone gather round the fire pit” text – which they knew was never a good sign. After the public had voted for their favourite girl and boy in the villa respectively, there was a bottom three for both the girls and boys. The six with the least votes were AJ, Chloe and Lucinda, and Danny, Teddy and Toby. The choice of which boy left was down to the safe girls, and which girl left was decided by the safe boys.

The safe Islanders chose to dump AJ and Danny from the Island. After they left, three new bombshells arrived.

Abigail “Abi” Rawlings, 27

Credit: ITV

Abi is a tattoo artist from Bournemouth, and her Instagram is @abigaillouiserawlings (her tattoo work Instagram page is @abigaillouisetattoo).

Georgia Townend, 28

Credit: ITV

Georgia is a marketing executive from Essex. Her Insta’s @georgiatownend_, and she made it clear from the beginning that she was only after Hugo.

Tyler Cruickshank, 26

Credit: ITV

Tyler’s from Croydon, he’s an estate agent, and his Insta is @tylercruickshank_. All of the girls took a long look at him, but he came in with a one-girl plan – he wanted to get to know Kaz.

What did the three bombshells do once they got there?

The next day, Kaz and Tyler got to know each other, Georgia made her intentions clear, and Abi decided to try and win over Toby, who was coupled up with Chloe. Toby was quite receptive to this, and Chloe wasn’t happy about it.

Later when they talked, Toby told her he hadn’t been feeling secure in their partnership as they hadn’t properly spoken in a little while. She tried to make amends but he didn’t entertain the idea. This left her in tears, and he discussed the situation with the boys.

In the next episode Toby and Abi got even closer, and they walked while linking arms as Abi’s shoes were bothering her. Chloe found this “disrespectful”, and when she talked to Toby it ended worse than how it started.

Abi and Chloe talked, and Chloe seemed okay with the situation to her face, but to the cameras it was clear she was hurt, and hearing Abi out wasn’t going to help.

The next day Toby and Abi kept on flirting and Chloe was still upset. She talked to favourite boy Hugo, who wasn’t happy about the situation either.

Toby later pulled Chloe to say he was “deciding” what to do, so Chloe could tell their relationship was in serious trouble.

Another difficult chat was had across the villa, as Hugo told Georgia he couldn’t see a romance blossoming as he didn’t feel there was a “spark” there.

ANOTHER dumping?

Faye got the dreaded “everyone to the fire pit” text, though it didn’t seem like it had been that long since the last one. The Islanders found out that there was to be another boys’ choice recoupling, and what happened next may well be one of the most talked-about moments in the whole of Season seven.

Newbie Tyler chose Kaz, and the rest of the boys recoupled as expected… except Toby.

After weeks of partnership with Chloe, he chose new girl Abigail, leaving Chloe gutted and at risk of being dumped.

Hugo then had a choice to make between new girl Georgia, who was interested in seeing where things went, and his friend Chloe, who had just been embarrassed in front of the whole villa.

Hugo picked Chloe, meaning Georgia was sent home after only spending days in the villa.

In his speech he said “She doesn’t deserve to be treated how she has been in the past 24 hours”, to which Chloe replied, “Say that again!”. Hugo also described Toby’s reasoning as “complete bulls**t”. He said that Chloe deserved someone “honest and communicative”. Hugo even considered the possibility of romance, as he said “Who knows what could happen – stranger things have happened”.

Surely Toby wasn’t happy with Hugo?

That’s putting it mildly.

After Georgia left, the Islanders had a toast in her honour as they carried on with the evening. With everyone’s glasses in the air, Lucinda said, “Here’s to Georgia, the biggest breath of fresh air in here!”
Toby swiftly and sarcastically added to the toast with “And to finding out two-faced mugs!”, after which everyone awkwardly murmured and could tell that this wasn’t going to end well.

Hugo said to the cameras “I fully meant it,” but wanted to “try and smooth things over” with Toby.
Hugo went to find him and asked if he wanted to “have it out”, to which he agreed.

Toby said that what he did was “sh*t”, and “not cool”. Toby argued that it wasn’t Hugo’s opinion that angered him, but rather the way he went about acting on it. Hugo said that he still saw Toby as “family” and wanted to “get past” their argument, but Toby didn’t want to look at him and told him to leave him alone.

Did anything cute happen?

The next day was a romantic one, as Liam and Millie had their first official date. Also, Jake made a plan to ask Liberty to be his girlfriend, telling the boys that it was “time to take the plunge and put a label on it”.

The last episode of the week showed Jake planning to make it official with his lady Liberty.
He roped in everyone else in the villa to help, and they had a black and white themed party. Everyone dressed in outfits to match the theme – the girls subtly convinced Liberty to wear white, as that was what Jake wanted.
Liberty was in white so her outfit would match the gift he was giving her while asking her to be in an official relationship. Each of the Islanders acted as chefs and wait staff as they had a romantic two-course dinner.

Jake then took Liberty to the day beds, as everyone else watched from behind them.
He presented Liberty with a white bracelet to match his black one. He’d had them both packed in his suitcase from day one, and told Liberty he hoped to have a special enough connection with someone so he could give her the matching accessory. He then asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she happily agreed.

Want to see more dates and drama? Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2, and you can always catch up on the ITV Hub if you’ve missed anything.

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