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Love Island 2021: Week One

The first week of the summer of love has already been and gone (where did that time go?) and we’ve gotten to know the original Islanders better now that they’re starting to look for deeper connections. The original 10 have become nine, and we’ve seen three new singles join the group.

In the first recoupling of season 7, new girl Chloe chose to couple up with Aaron, leaving Shannon single. In a shock twist, Shannon was immediately DUMPED from the island rather than waiting for two new boys to join. No one expected an exit this early in the show – it clearly proved to the other Islanders that anything could happen. They don’t have a guaranteed amount of time in the villa, so they have to go for what they want before it’s too late.

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Toby and Kaz had the first date of the season. We found that Toby has never had a serious girlfriend, and we saw how nervous he was to get to know the Essex beauty. Ever the gentleman, Toby gave Kaz a kiss on the cheek during the date, but in the beer pong challenge later in the evening he was dared to give her a proper kiss, which they both seemed to enjoy.

Any drama so far?

Faye and Brad had this season’s first real argument, which stemmed from the beer pong challenge. Brad was dared to kiss the girl he found most attractive, then the girl he found least attractive girl. He chose Chloe as the most attractive, and shockingly picked Faye as the least attractive – even though he was coupled up with her. Obviously Faye was offended by this, and later in their conversation by the fire pit she told him “Don’t make me look like a d*ck”.

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She told him that he seemed like a nice guy when talking to the others, but acted like an entirely different person to her, and she asked him why she didn’t get the ‘nice’ Brad that everyone else did. Their romance was clearly done, and they couldn’t have been further apart under the covers of their shared bed each night.

New boys?

Faye’s luck quickly turned as two new boys joined the group. We got to see Welsh builder Liam and bucket hat businessman Chuggs (no, that’s not his actual name, his birth name is Oliver) before they entered the villa, and were able to vote on which girl should welcome each of them to the group with a date. Faye got to go on a date with Liam, and Sharon went on a date with Chuggs – much to the dismay of Hugo and Aaron respectively, who were the most interested in the pair.

Liam Reardon, 21

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Liam is a bricklayer from Merthyr Tydfil, and his Instagram is @liamreardon1. He seems excited to get involved in Island life, saying “The lads should be worried, the ladies should be excited, and I can’t wait to stir things up”.

Oliver “Chuggs” Wallis, 23

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Chuggs is from Surrey, and is the owner of a bucket hat company – his Insta is @chuggswallis. Although the girls were excited for his arrival, the most excited Islander was Hugo. He instantly recognised the distinctive nickname Chuggs when paired with rugby-style clues. It turns out that Chuggs and Hugo are actually friends from university! As Chuggs said, it’s a small world (or at least it is when you’re both gorgeous single men looking to find a girl with the help of ITV).

What about the recoupling?

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In Friday night’s recoupling, many of the girls switched up their pairings.

Kaz picked Toby first, saying she’s loved their time together so far and wants to get to know him better.

Sharon chose the boy she has ‘good chemistry’ with and who makes her feel ‘comfortable’ – unsurprisingly, she picked Aaron.

Liberty chose the ‘boy version’ of herself, Jake, who she’s been with from the start and hasn’t strayed from for a second.

Next up was Faye – she was clearly going to choose someone different, but said she felt ‘so sh*t’ for having to leave someone single, even Brad. Faye picked new boy Liam, who she’d clearly been attracted to from their first meeting.

Chloe picked last and chose Hugo, saying she wanted to ‘see him find love’ rather than pursue anything with him herself, and she didn’t want to see him sent home.

This left both new boy Chuggs and original Islander Brad single and at risk of going home – they each received texts building up to the arrival of new girl Rachel.

Rachel Finni, 29

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Rachel is a luxury travel specialist from Hertfordshire, and her Insta is @rayfinn. She’s said she’s an independent woman – it’s more than likely she’ll be very well liked by the boys, as almost all of them have said at least once that they find independence attractive.

The last thing we saw was that Rachel had to decide who stays and who goes in the next 24 hours. Those 24 hours have since passed, so we’ll see what happened on tonight’s episode!

Season 7 of Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2, and you can catch up on any missed episodes on the ITV Hub.

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