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Love Island 2021: Week Three

Week Three of Season 7 has passed us by, so here’s another weekly rundown in case you missed anything, or you just fancy a reminder before Week Four.

Where did we get to?

New boy Teddy was about to enter the villa, but first he got to have speed dates with four of the girls. The group chose the girls who were unluckiest in love to go on the dates – Kaz, Rachel, Sharon and Faye.

Kaz and Rachel got the first two dates, and they both seemed to get on really well with Teddy – although Kaz was so smitten she forgot to ask him what he does for a living, so she hoped to find that out from one of the others.

Rachel was very flirty, and talked about orgasms within minutes.

Sharon was third, and made sure she found out what Teddy’s career was. When she got back she told the girls that he works as a financial consultant, as she said with a laugh that she “needed to know how much money he makes”.

Faye got the last date, and said she was still finding it hard to couple up successfully because she didn’t want to “fake” any romantic interest.

While Faye was away with Teddy, Liam pulled Millie for a chat and and they had their first proper kiss that wasn’t during a villa game.

Toby and Chloe getting ready for a night outside – Credit: ITV

That night, new romantic pairs Toby and Chloe and Liam and Millie slept outside on a day bed as they couldn’t share an inside bed with anyone not in their couple. Chloe had saucy details to tell Lucinda and Millie the next morning – definitely living up to their “naughty trio” name…
That day, Teddy had to get to know the girls well, and not just the four he dated, although they were his priority. He mentioned that he wanted to get to know Lucinda while talking to the boys in the bedroom, and lovestruck Brad looked at him like a rabbit in headlights, much to the boys’ amusement.

There was a recoupling that evening which was decided by the boys, and once again we were left on a cliffhanger – who would be leaving?

After the romantic pairs recoupled, Aaron picked Kaz and Hugo saved Sharon, leaving Teddy to choose between original girl Faye and relatively new girl Rachel. Teddy ended up picking Faye, marking the end of Rachel‘s time in the villa.

What’s all this about a spitroast?!

The next day, the group had to complete a challenge called ‘Spit the Roast’. They had to make a whole roast dinner on their end plate, but the only way of transferring the ingredients was by bodily contact.

The boys had to throw the more solid ingredients such as meat onto the girls’ bodies, i.e., onto their chest.

They then transferred the more liquid-type foods (like gravy and mushy peas) from their mouths, to the girls’ mouths, to the plates. The winners were the pair who made the best looking ‘roast’ – which ended up being Liam and Millie. Lucinda told Brad in the post-challenge camera chat that she thought they “work really well together”, calling him “quite competitive” as she noted that he takes things seriously.

Later, Millie told Liam she was worried that they hadn’t had many “deep conversations” and wanted to connect on a more personal level, which he agreed with and they shared a sweet kiss.

Faye told Liberty and Sharon how she was worried about opening up to a potential partner, and didn’t know how to express herself to Teddy. After their girls chat, she did indeed tell Teddy how she was feeling, and they kissed for the first time.

The Hideaway opened again, and ‘Spit the Roast’ winners Millie and Liam got to spend the night in the private room as their prize. They made the most of the *naughty drawer*, and Millie dressed up as a sexy nurse and gave Liam a full body massage – paying very close attention to his buttcheeks. Allegedly a LOT more went down in the Hideaway between these two, but ITV couldn’t broadcast it for obvious reasons.

How’s Hugo getting on?

The next day, Sharon talked to Kaz about potential feelings for Hugo, her current partner in the villa who up till now she had just seen as a friend. She considered the possibility of pursuing something with him, but didn’t know what to do about it.

Kaz played wingwoman and got the lowdown from Hugo about the possibility of anything happening between them. Unfortunately for Sharon, Hugo made it quite clear that he couldn’t see them being more than friends, and emphasised his hope that someone new would come in for both him and Sharon. He later said to Sharon, “I see you as a little sister in here now, I want you to find someone”.

Another memorable Hugo moment happened when Jake and Liberty were working out in the gym, laughing and visibly having a great time. Hugo said to Toby “I just want that, really. Is that too much to ask?” while they were watching them from the beanbags.

While this was going on, Brad and Lucinda got to go on a date, so they got ready. Lucinda received the background music of “You’re going on a date!” – the chant the girls seem to have adopted as their anthem – while she chose an outfit.

On the date, Brad told Lucinda that he couldn’t see another girl turning his head in the villa. When Brad and Lucinda got back from their date, all of the Islanders got dressed for the evening – but no one expected the twist that was coming.

What happened with THAT shock dumping?

As everyone was enjoying their night, Liam got a text telling everyone to make their way to the fire pit immediately.

Through a long series of texts, the Islanders found out what the public thought about the compatibility of each couple.

Although the public saved platonic pairs, blossoming couple Brad and Lucinda were rated least compatible. We didn’t see anything else at the end of that episode (again, another cliffhanger).

The next episode revealed that one of them had to leave straight away – but it was their choice who left. They also had the option to leave together if they wanted to give their potential romance a go outside the villa.

Credit: ITV

They were given some alone time to discuss it, and Brad decided that he wanted to go.

He gave Lucinda the choice of joining him, but also said he’d like her to stay and enjoy the experience. After considering her options, Lucinda decided to stay.

We saw Brad say his goodbyes to everyone, including close friend Jake who was visibly very emotional about his departure.

Lucinda’s decision to stay upset the girls who’d known Brad from the start. They questioned her choice because they believed that Brad would have instantly left with Lucinda if she was forced to leave. Her reason for staying was to see if there were any other “opportunities” in the villa, which particularly upset Faye. She told Sharon that the whole point of entering the villa in the first place should be for love, not opportunities.

Toby and Chloe had their share of drama that night too. Toby told her that being in the bottom three meant they were “f***ed”, and Chloe was clearly very irritated that he cared that much about the public vote.

She ranted to fellow “naughty trio” member Millie about how “fake” he was acting. Toby then talked to former flame Kaz and asked if he’d gone about their relationship in the wrong way.
This angered a lot of viewers – this Twitter user sums it up pretty well:

Toby and Chloe eventually made up, and the group rallied around Lucinda on the first night without their much-loved boy Brad in the villa.

One out, one in?

The next day, the boys won the ‘Stags vs Hens’ game, which meant that the newest arrival would be female.

The general comment from the boys was that they’d welcome the new girl to the villa, but act as wingmen for Aaron and Hugo as they are the two currently not in a romantic partnership.

The girls were banished to the balcony until after the boys had gotten to meet the new Islander.

They could only watch from a distance as she strutted into the villa and said “Eyes on the prize, boys!”, which the girls mimicked out of panicked jealousy, still hoping she wouldn’t turn their boy’s head.

The only girl who wasn’t too worried was Faye, which the public loved to see:

Who’s the new girl?

Andrea-Jane “AJ” Bunker, 28

Credit: ITV

AJ is a hair extensions technician from Hertfordshire, and her Instagram is @andreajanebunker. So far, both the girls and the guys seem to like her.

What happened next?

“The boys got to know new girl AJ better, before the girls joined them.

Faye later told Millie and Lucinda she wasn’t too worried about AJ when it came to Teddy because she rated herself “higher” than the hair extension technician, 28.

Elsewhere in the villa, things were heating up between Lucinda and Aaron.

During a conversation with Jake and Liam in the kitchen, Lucinda admitted she needed to stop talking about Brad and being sad, and the boys encouraged her to get to know some of the others in the villa.

Lucinda said she didn’t know who wanted to get to know her and they mentioned Aaron had liked her from before, so she decided to pull him for a chat and he didn’t hold back, telling her he’d rather get to know her than AJ.

The next day, Faye was keen to make AJ feel welcome, but Teddy wondered if she was just marking her territory.

Later that day, Teddy and AJ had a chat, and they had a lot in common as they talked star signs and travelling.

From the kitchen, Toby could see and hear all the laughing, and he asked Faye as she filled up her water bottle what she thought of the whole thing.

Acting oblivious, Faye pretended she hadn’t seen what was going on but went on about it for a little while, if you ask us.

Sharon and Hugo finally had a chat about things and he admitted he only saw them as friends.

Why did Faye get eggs involved?

During the day, Faye suggested an impromptu egg game to the Islanders.

They all had to suck on an egg and pass it from their lips to the next Islander in the circle. If they dropped the egg, they had to kiss the next player instead.

Liam and Jake ended up passing it between them, and when they dropped it they had a dramatic snog.

Hugo dropped the egg on purpose so he could kiss new girl AJ, but it was Kaz who won the game.

Later that day, Kaz received a text which said new boy Danny would be coming and she was first to join him for a date.

Who’s the new boy?

Danny Bibby, 25

Credit: ITV

Danny’s a plumber from Wigan, and his Insta is @dannybibby_.
Due to his previous use of a racial slur on Instagram, thousands of viewers have called for his immediate removal from the villa.

It seems that ITV are letting him stay, and have issued a statement from Danny apologising for his actions.

Many are arguing that this is an unbalanced decision as former Islander Sherif Lanre was removed during Season 5 for an altercation with Molly-Mae Hague, and they believe Danny’s actions to be much worse despite him being allowed to stay. Sherif has since commented on the situation, classing it as a racist double standard.

Where did we end up? What next?

Danny went on dates with Kaz and Sharon before his official entry into the villa, and made it clear that he wants to date a woman with a lot of ambition.

Sharon agreed with the importance of ambition, but once in the villa Danny started to get to know Lucinda, and he seems to be drawn to her.

AJ chatted with Liam and Teddy and has shown interest in them both, as well as Aaron and Hugo.
The next recoupling is a boys’ choice, but AJ gets to pick before the rest of the boys, followed by newbie Danny.

This could really mix things up – keep watching tonight to find out what happens.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2, and you can watch anything you’ve missed on the ITV Hub.

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