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Love Island 2021: Week Two

Another week of Island life has passed, so it’s time for another update! A LOT has happened since the Week One rundown, so get ready for alllll the details…

So, where were we?

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We’d just found out that Rachel had 24 hours to decide who to keep in the villa – either Brad or Chuggs.
Summing up the chaotic energy of the show, Chuggs said “I’ve been here less than 24 hours, and I could be leaving in the next 24 hours”.

We watched Rachel spend the next day getting to know both the boys a bit better so that she could make an at least slightly informed decision that evening, and she didn’t hold back when she was talking to them.

Her standout line of the episode was to Brad – “I’m gonna be blunt, you look like such a f*ckboy”. She meant that first impressions aren’t always accurate and he seemed to be a lot nicer than she thought he’d be, but the way she said it was ICONIC.

*Warning – UKC mentioned (this is not a drill, if you know you know)*
When getting to know Chuggs, Rachel mentioned her university days. It turns out she’s a former University of Kent girl! She reminisced about the cobbled streets of Canterbury, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one shouting “yes, girl!” at the TV.

Undercover Lover – not very well covered!

The ‘Undercover Lover’ challenge was one of the best games of the last few series. Drinks, dodgy Bond-themed costumes (which got very revealing very quickly), and people getting slimed – what more could you want? Rachel got to play the game twice with both Brad and Chuggs, the latter of whom spent most of the game dressed as a Bond villain – and bore a striking resemblance to Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil.

Who did Rachel choose?

That evening Rachel had to make her choice between her two potential matches, and we watched as they hung on to her every word. She said that the boy she was choosing had a ‘similar take on life’ as her, they could ‘talk about anything’ together, and that he makes her feel both ‘comfortable’ and ‘sexy’. Who would she choose?

We had to wait ANOTHER day to find out. Honestly, ITV2 and their cliffhangers…
After yet another episode of waiting, we found out that Rachel chose Brad, sending Chuggs home.

The next day on the Island, Toby and Kaz had a conversation about where things were going between them, and Toby said he was nervous about moving forward because he was still quite new to dating, but definitely wanted to continue progressing their romance. They made plans to have a cuddle in bed that night, as Kaz was worried he wasn’t that into her because he wasn’t showing much physical affection as she’d hoped for.

What about the Hideaway?

Liberty’s only having a back massage, we promise… (Credit: ITV)

That evening the Hideaway opened for the first time, and the Islanders unanimously decided to let Jake and Liberty be its first guests of the season.

Jake gave her a massage with the oils provided and, classy as ever, he said “this smells like strawberry lube” and proceeded to spill half of it on the duvet. Liberty was less than impressed with his clumsiness, saying “We have to sleep in this tonight!”. They had a deep conversation about their future plans for in and outside of the villa, all while Jake was on her back.

Meanwhile, back in the main bedroom, both Sharon and Aaron and Rachel and Brad got romantic under the covers. On the other hand, Kaz and Toby didn’t have their snuggle session after all.

The next day at the couples’ brunch, the pairs were chatting and getting to know each other, but Liam and Faye barely said a word to each other. They actually seemed more interested in the other couples’ conversations at one point. Didn’t really bode well for their future, did it?

Any drama?

Later that day, the group played the classic blackboard game of ‘How well do you know your partner?’.
In this game we discovered that Faye thought ‘eagle’ was spelt ‘eagel’ – this reminded a lot of people of Chris Hughes’s ‘Jason Staythumb’ mishap from 2017. We also saw that Aaron doesn’t like arm hair on girls, which didn’t seem to be an issue for the Islanders but caused a lot of rage on Twitter:

What did strike a chord in the villa was Hugo stating MANY times that he didn’t like girls who looked ‘fake’ – meaning having had obvious plastic surgery. He didn’t realise he’d upset anyone, but he repeated the word ‘fake’ and it irritated several girls, particularly Sharon and Faye.

Sharon made it very clear that she was offended and refused to be near him on a couple of occasions. When Hugo realised he’d offended the girls, he ended up in tears and apologised sincerely to both Sharon and Faye.

Many people watching took issue with the fact that the girls told Hugo how they were insecure as young girls because of how they looked, but Hugo is the only one to have been born a genuine physical disability.

The next event was the girly brunch – the girls got to get dressed up and leave the villa, leaving the boys behind. What they didn’t know was that two new girls were arriving and getting to know the boys while they were away…

Who are the new girls?

Like Chloe, these two beautiful blondes turned almost EVERY boy’s head. Here’s a bit about them…

Lucinda Strafford, 21

Credit: ITV

Lucinda’s an online fashion boutique owner from Brighton, and her Instagram is @lucindastrafford.
Brad was INSTANTLY attracted to her when she walked in, forgot about Rachel (who saved him from being dumped), and wanted to recouple with her straight away.

Millie Court, 24

Credit: ITV

She’s an administrator for a fashion buyer from Essex, and her Insta is @milliegracecourt. Her and Liam have got on like a house on fire from the moment she walked in. It looks like they’ll couple up, even though he’s currently with Faye.

What was the next challenge?

Each of the girls chose a boy to frisk in ‘Line of Booty’.

The game featured the girls sliding down a large slide (Rachel found that harder than anyone else), choosing their boy and finding the ‘concealed weapon’ in his shorts such as a cucumber or an aubergine. They then decided whether or not to kiss him, before locking him in the cell.

Chloe picked Kaz’s partner Toby and kissed him, leading Kaz to call her a “snake in the grass”. Everyone else picked their partner and the two new girls picked Liam and Brad, leaving poor Hugo unchosen which he sarcastically said was “not humiliating at all“. Viewers at home were gutted for him, with many saying he’d be their first pick as he’s the least problematic of the group.

Later in the week, Toby and Kaz cooled their relationship. Toby had a chat up on the terrace with Chloe, which led to them kissing.

When Toby told Kaz about it the next day, she acted a lot less hurt than she felt, but visibly got upset a little while later. Sharon instantly took over and protected her, pulling her away from the others and giving her a pep talk.

Faye apologised to Chloe after she’d shouted at her for her previous antics. It seems like the next recoupling will have us saying ‘Toby and Chloe’ rather than ‘Toby and Kaz’ like we’ve had from the start of the show.

Any other relationship tea this week?

Jake clearly showed interest in the two girls as they were both his type (gorgeous and blonde). Liberty wasn’t happy about it, and she said “I’m not gonna give you 110% if you’re gonna get to know other girls”.

Although Jake’s argued that no one’s known each other that long and it’d be silly not to get to know other people if they’re your type even if you do like the person you’re with, the public definitely seem to be Team Liberty.
They had a sangria date later though, which intensified their feelings for each other. Although she put Jake on a kissing ban for a while, she relented on their first official date.

Liam and Millie’s relationship became much more sexually charged, and he said he definitely wanted to recouple. But he also still liked Faye, and pulled her for a chat to discuss Millie’s involvement in their dynamic. While Faye respected the way he went about it, she said “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know where his head’s at”.

Lucinda had a chat about Brad with Faye, as she used to be coupled up with him. It seems that Lucinda has noticed that Brad rarely stops talking (mainly about himself). She might be having second thoughts, but we soon found out that the next recoupling is the boys’ choice. She might not get a say in whether she pairs up with Brad or not after all…

Who’s the new boy?

Teddy Soares, 26

Credit: ITV

He’s a senior financial consultant from Manchester, and his Insta is @teddy_soares.

Right at the end of the week, we finally saw proper footage of Teddy after being teased for a couple of days. Four girls get to go on a speed dating session with him before he properly arrives, and by watching the preview we know one of them is Rachel. The recoupling won’t be long after the speed date, so it seems that once again the newbie will have a direct impact on the fate of the other Islanders.
Who will Teddy choose? Who’s getting dumped? We’ll have to wait and see!

To avoid a clash with the Euro 2020 final, ITV have postponed Love Island (and Aftersun) by an hour tonight. The next episode is at the later time of 10pm on ITV2, or you can catch up on the ITV Hub.

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