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EXCLUSIVE: Fox Jackson on being a singer songwriter during a pandemic

In an exclusive interview with UNIfied, Fox Jackson revealed the highs and lows of being a singer-songwriter during a pandemic.

The best thing about humans is that we’re all adaptable. We adapt to survive and we always have done that, and I think it takes us very little time to get used to a new set of rules or circumstances. I think that’s one of humanities greatest abilities.

Fox Jackson

Who is Fox Jackson?

Fox Jackson, a 26-year-old Funk Soul-Pop musician from London, released his first two songs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ex West-End performer released his first single, Behind Closed Doors during the pandemic because he thought it was an appropriate time: “We all felt isolated and shut out and that’s exactly what behind closed doors was about.”

His most recent single, Like You In Every Way was also released during the pandemic: “I just wanting to keep the ball rolling and get the next one out and have more music. I felt like it was a great summer jam as well as being quite energetic and different from Behind Closed Doors.”

The inspiration behind this song is certainly romantic: “I wanted to tell my ex-girlfriend something that wasn’t ‘I Love You’ yet, but I wanted to say that I like you in every way.”

Fox Jackson – Credit Katie Owen

Filming a music video during a pandemic

Precautions like wearing masks and regularly sanitizing, were taken when shooting the music video for the track.

The singer described shooting the music video as a positive experience: “I got my friend Abdel Belabbes to direct it, my friend James Polley to shoot it and friend Sophia Panteli did the makeup and obviously Nick [Fox’s producer & Band mate] was always going to be there so he was helping out.”

Fox enthused about our ability to adapt to the situation, and how this helped him and his team shoot the music video during the pandemic: “The best thing about humans is that we’re all adaptable. We adapt to survive and we always have done that, and I think it takes us very little time to get used to a new set of rules or circumstances. I think that’s one of humanities greatest abilities.”

It’s such a joy to be in front of the camera and sing the song and perform it, and do something slightly different from my previous single. I wanted to give a really different spin on a music video and make it more performance-based. I wanted to make it more visually engaging than Behind Closed Doors was.

Fox Jackson
Fox Jackson – Credit Katie Owen

What’s it like being a live performer?

The Billy Elliot star said that the skills he’s learnt from being on stage will help him on how to ‘present himself on stage in terms of being a live performer.’

There’s always a moment before you go on stage of ‘do I know enough ‘ or ‘am I prepared enough’. There’s always the butterflies, so I think when you have that experience of learning to cope with that, it lasts forever. I always use that in terms of my live performance.

Fox Jackson

Fox reminisced on his time on stage: “I remember the first time when I went on stage for Billy [Elliot] I forgot the whole show. As I stepped on stage, it took a couple of seconds for me to remember what I was doing. Your fight or flight kicks in, once you get past that bit, it’s plain sailing. It’s the same for every gig and I think that Billy [Elliot] really taught me to keep that nerves and energy and use them in a healthy way.”

Fox Jackson – Credit Katie Owen

New music on the horizon…

The singer-songwriter has two songs in the running for his next single: This Other Girl and Glimpses.

He said that he really wants to release This Other Girl next as it fits the story Fox wants to tell with his music: “Behind closed doors and Like You In Everyway are about how I want the other person to place their trust in me in a relationship. This Other Girl is about what it’s like to break that trust, and I wanted to have a song where I could be seen in a different light.”

I want people to see that there are more shades to me than just ‘hey, I like you, you can trust me.’ I make mistakes and I am not perfect, so I want people to see that in my writing. I can be lead astray or have my head turned, so I do really want to show those sides of my artistry and myself. I’m not just like a lovesick puppy all of the time, I am a dude, dare I say .. a bit of a scoundrel.

Fox Jackson
Fox Jackson – Credit Katie Owen

The up and coming star would like to hold off his debut album for as long as possible as he wants ‘good promotion behind him and people to really want to see it.’

He added: “I think I’ll do a few EP’s, before the debut album. I want a lot of notoriety before that moment.”

Fox said that his first EP will “hopefully” be released at the end of next year as vintage physical copies: “I love vinyl, I have a bunch at home and it’s always really nice holding on to something. I do definitely want physical copies, maybe some cassettes as well.”

He added, “Me and Nick always talk about an A and a B side, like a vinyl back to back, we think the two tunes that would work really well for that are Funky Baby and Anything For You.”

Fox Jackson – Credit Katie Owen

Any gossip from Fox?

Whilst answering questions sent in from his fans, Fox revealed that he is single: “I am single at the moment. I think, for the time being, it’s great being single just out of Covid – life is coming back so I think being single at this moment is probably best”

After listening to a documentary about his idol Prince, Fox found out that Prince ‘would just record songs and then pick which ones he wanted for his album.’ Fox said that he thinks him and his producer are going to doing a similar thing: “We’ve got lots and lots of songs recorded and we’ll slowly figure out which ones we love the most and which ones work well together.”

Fox mentioned how grateful he is for the support of his fans: “I love having a personal relationship with you guys [His fans], the fact that we have grown into more of a friendship, I love that. I think it’s really special to have people who want to back me like fans who are really there”.

Fox Jackson – Credit Katie Owen

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