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Love Island 2021: The Final

The final two episodes are here! If you’re reading this you’ll probably know who won by now, but it won’t be written until the end just in case you don’t. Keep reading for a breakdown of the 48 hours we’ve all been waiting for…

Where did we finish Week Eight?

Liberty and Jake had just voluntarily left the villa, as they didn’t want to continue staying in the most famous couples’ villa when they were no longer a couple. This guaranteed the four couples in the final – Chloe and Toby, Faye and Teddy, Millie and Liam, and Kaz and Tyler.

Where did we pick things up?

The show carried on straight after their exit, and we saw the teary Islanders coming to terms with the pair of them no longer being in the villa.

Holding Liberty’s name necklace, Faye went straight to Kaz and said “I said to [Liberty] I’d put it on and wear it every night, but I think you should wear it.” She secured it around Kaz’s wrist as Kaz said “She’s been looking for this necklace since before Casa Amor, but when I was emptying her wardrobe I found it,” and they laughed as she said “I said I wasn’t going to cry any more”.

They thought of a way to honour Liberty and Jake, and decided a ‘them’ thing to do would be to leap into the pool, to “wipe away the tears”. They all held hands and jumped in together, which cheered them up.

The last date of the series – Chloe and Toby

Chloe got a text, telling her and Toby to get ready for their first/final date. For one last time, the girls got to chant “She’s going on a date! She’s going on a date!”, although it seemed a lot quieter this time with only four ladies left.

Their Alice in Wonderland-themed date was decorated with photos of their time in the villa, which Chloe said was the “cutest thing ever”. They reminisced about the first time they met, remembering her infamous “Hey boys…” voice note.

They talked about the bumpy ride they went on to get to the final date, talking about the various girls Toby cracked on with before realising where his loyalties lay. Chloe said that since they got back together he’d become “Tobes 2.0”, a “new man”.

When they got back to the villa, they gathered everyone round the fire pit to talk about the date rather than telling the boys and girls separately – there were only eight of them left, so it made more sense to be all together. Chloe said their date was “very Chloe and Toby”, and Toby brought back sweets. Faye toasted “To us and our final dates!”.

As the boys got ready for bed, they commented on the amount of empty beds there would be, and realised that Jake and Liberty’s bed would be empty for the first time since Day 1, as they’d been in the same bed the whole time.

Liam hid behind a curtain to scare Millie, and she threw her water at him when he jumped out. In bed, Tyler asked Kaz if she was missing Liberty. Everyone said “Goodnight, final four!” and they went to sleep.

Family time!

The next morning, everyone got ready and had a relaxing start to the day. Unbeknownst to them, Donna and Paul (Liam’s parents) and Esme and Jessie (Millie’s mum and sister) quietly made their way up to the villa and took a group selfie outside the entrance.

Millie was sent the photo, and everyone got excited as they realised they were about to see their families for the first time in weeks.

Liam and Millie

Both families entered the villa, and unfortunately they weren’t allowed to hug due to social distancing rules, but it was still a beautiful moment. Liam was instantly moved to tears at the sight of his parents, and Millie cried and shouted “Mummy!”

The other Islanders said Liam’s dad Paul was “trendy” and “suave” as they went to sit and chat on the swing.

Mum Donna said to Liam “You look really happy”, and he replied “I am.”

The proud parents said they’d watched every episode since Liam’s arrival. Referencing the naughtier scenes, Paul said “Sometimes we have a pillow over our heads”. He also said they’d “shouted at the TV” during Liam’s time in Casa Amor, and Donna said watching his disloyalty to Millie was “difficult”.

Jessie and Esme told Millie how much they appreciate Liam, despite what happened in Casa Amor. Jessie said she could tell he was “so sorry” for his actions.

Neither set of families had seen the more recent episodes as they’d been travelling and quarantining, so they hadn’t seen their final date. Liam and Millie both told their families they’d said ‘I love you’, and they were thrilled.

Both families came together and talked as a group of six, and got to know each other a little. They talked about the distance between Merthyr Tydfil and Essex, and proud Welshman Paul said “If we spoke as fast as we usually do, you wouldn’t be able to understand what we’re saying!”.

The two families said their goodbyes and started to leave the villa. As he was leaving, Paul said to the other Islanders, “Television doesn’t do you justice,” calling the boys “handsome” and the girls “beautiful”.

After they all left, Millie and Liam celebrated how well the meeting went with the other Islanders.

Teddy and Faye

Next to arrive were Faye’s sister Joanne and best friend Sophie, along with Teddy’s brothers Carlos and Sidney.

Faye was shaking as her girls said “We’ve missed you, darling!”, and Joanne said that her parents have been “so proud” of her. She looked nervous as her sister confirmed they’d both been watching, and said that her dad thought she’d been swearing a bit too much.

Carlos said “I want to cry!”, and they said “We’ve been on the rollercoaster with you”. They compared watching the show to watching Arsenal play (“but you scored more goals!”).

Faye’s girls said the couple was “the perfect match”, and Teddy’s brothers said “We can’t wait to meet Faye”.
When they all sat together as a group of six, Teddy asked the girls if they thought he was funny as Faye had previously said (a LOT) that she didn’t. Joanne replied “I mean, it’s an area to work on”, and Faye said “I told you she was open and honest too!” Teddy defended himself by saying “You only see an hour [of every day], just remember that!”

Discussing their major blowup, Faye asked “I wasn’t that bad though, was I?”. Carlos said she was “terrible” and Sidney said “Bad is an understatement”. She apologised to the brothers for how she’d treated Teddy, and later in the Beach Hut she said “Sidney and Carlos – I think they’ve got a few things they wanna say to me..!”

As Sophie complimented how Teddy had been with Faye, he got misty eyed and said “Where’s my glasses, f**k!” – doing the classic cover-my-tears-with-my-shades technique used in most episodes.

Teddy said “We all need to do a get together!” before they left the villa.

Tyler and Kaz

Tyler’s parents Janet and Andrew were next in the villa, joined by Kaz’s sister Banji and mum Malilowe.

Confident dad Andrew strutted into the villa saying “Hello, peeps!” and Tyler was already emotional. Mum Janet said they’d missed him as he’d been in the villa for five weeks, he said “It’s the most I’ve been away from home!”
Andrew said Tyler had “messed up” in Casa Amor, and said none of the Casa girls “had anything on [Kaz]”.

Janet called Kaz a “strong woman”, and they loved how she “humbled” Tyler after he’d wronged her.

Viewers couldn’t believe how youthful Malilowe looked, and hyped up the Kamwi family genes:

As they sat down as a group, Kaz said Tyler’s parents had “raised him really well” and told them how he had respected her since they got back together. Mum Malilowe said “That’s so nice to hear”.

Tyler told both families: “I’m ready to leave now – I’ve found what I’m looking for”. They said they couldn’t wait to start their lives together, and got advice from both sides of the family about how to strengthen their relationship. Tyler said the merging of their families was a “beautiful thing”.

Toby and Chloe

Finally, Toby’s sister Shauna and mum Victoria joined Chloe’s mum Louisa and sister Bridie as they walked into the villa.

The first thing Louisa said as she saw her daughter was “You have been fantastic“, and the other Islanders agreed.

Toby’s doting mum started crying before she’d sat down and stopped to look at her son, who was saying “Mum, stop!” as she’d moved him to tears by being emotional. Toby said “I haven’t cried once here, now I’m crying!”. He said “I don’t know what’s happening,” as he sobbed.

Chloe’s family said they knew she’d “take [Toby] back straightaway” when he decided she was who he wanted, but “didn’t see it coming”. They were happy that they’d found happiness, and said all they’d seen them doing is “laughing and snogging”.

Toby laughed as he talked about the Hideaway, and his mum and sister said “We didn’t watch that bit”, apparently turning around “when the chocolate came out”. Bridie asked her sister “How much sex do you need to have?!”, and said her grandparents had been watching, which made Chloe laugh.

Louisa said “Don’t they look fantastic together?”, and Victoria told the pair that they “suit each other”. They said they couldn’t wait to meet up again on the outside, and left the villa.

The Islanders said the day was the “best day ever”, and the mood was lifted higher than it ever had been.

That evening, Chloe raised a toast “to [their] family and friends, and to the family in [the villa]”. She then got a text congratulating all four couples on making it to the final, and they took a group selfie.

What happened on the final day in the villa?

The final four couples woke up on the last day of Love Island 2021, and the boys went to make iced coffees to bring to their girls for the last time in the villa. They gave them iced coffees in bed, and got ready for the day. They were set to have a long day ahead, as the live final was happening that night. In that time, they had to dust off their dance moves, create beautiful works of literature for their partners, and get ready for Laura’s return – along with a live audience and millions of viewers waiting to see who’d win.

Who’s got the moves?

The eight Islanders had to practice their salsa dancing ready for the Summer Ball that evening.

The couples had a crash course and learned some basic salsa steps. It was quite clear that Faye was more comfortable in her Crocs than dancing shoes, as she wasn’t getting the hang of it at all. Teddy was taking it seriously, but she was just having fun with it. Chloe and Toby did well, and Kaz and Tyler had a lot of fun, but Millie and Liam said “We need to practice more”.

Any budding writers in the group?

They then had to write their ‘declarations of love’. The ladies went on one last girls’ trip, and headed off on a spa day. They wrote their speeches there, and the boys worked on theirs back at the villa.

Toby wasn’t sure how to go about his declaration, and Liam said he hadn’t physically written with a pen since school.

We got to see the declarations being read out in the evening, and a couple in particular stood out.

First, they had to get ready! The men looked more handsome than ever in their suits, and the girls came down into the garden to show off their dresses one by one. You’ll see their Summer Ball outfits featured in their declarations of love in the clip below:

Millie said to Liam “I only had eyes for you”, and called him “Welsh, 6’6″ and a 10/10”. He said in return that he thought her “beautiful face” had been “crafted from the heavens”.

Tearful Faye read her poem for Teddy which included the line “I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with a girl so insecure… Luckily you’re fixing me just by being so pure”. Teddy told Faye “You’ve been a beautiful pain in my arse, but I wouldn’t change it for the world”.

Kaz told Tyler “My journey in here started when you walked in”, and Tyler apologised for their “oopsie” and said “I believe we are stronger than ever”.

Chloe told Toby “Not only do I fancy the absolute pants off you, but I’ve found someone who has a weirder sense of humour than me!” She also said “You’re the first boy that’s ever made me feel 100% comfortable and secure so I can always be myself”. Toby said “I’m addicted to you”, and used his declaration of love to say: “Right now the only future I see is with me and you together, so Chloe… Will you be my girlfriend?“. She squealed and accepted.

What we’ve all been waiting for…

The moment arrived! Laura returned to the villa and revealed the results of the public vote. Fourth and third place were announced first.

Fourth place – Kaz and Tyler

Original girl Kaz Kamwi and Week Four entry Tyler Cruickshank finished in fourth place. They ended their villa journey as ‘exclusive‘, and managed to get through a bumpy ride through Casa Amor. Their other romantic partners were Toby, Matthew and Clarisse, but once they recoupled they stuck by each other till the end.

Third place – Faye and Teddy

Original girl Faye Winter and Week Two arrival Teddy Soares finished in third place, after a not-so-steady journey. Faye’s other interests were Brad, Liam and Sam. Although Teddy flirted with Clarisse, he stayed loyal to her throughout. They had a massive argument and split up, but reunited and formed a stronger bond than ever. They left the villa as boyfriend and girlfriend, and Teddy dropped the ‘L-bomb’.

The side by side announcement was finally here, and it was between Millie and Liam and Chloe and Toby.

Here it is, after eight weeks – the winners of Love Island 2021 are…

WINNERS – Millie and Liam

And just like that, Week One entry Liam Reardon and Week Two arrival Millie Court were crowned Love Island 2021 winners. Despite a blip caused by Casa Amor when Liam connected with Lillie, once these two got together they were never coupled with anyone else. Liam was with Faye before Millie arrived, but it was meant to be once they began their romance. They ended their Love Island journey after they both said ‘I love you‘, and Liam used their winning spotlight to ask Millie to be his girlfriend, to which she said ‘yes’.

RUNNERS UP – Chloe and Toby

Original boy Toby Aromolaran and Week One arrival Chloe Burrows finished their journey in second place. Toby took a while to decide who he wanted to be with, and coupled up with Kaz, Abi and Mary along the way. Chloe was in a friendship couple with Hugo for quite a while, and was originally coupled up with the first Aaron. Once Toby returned from Casa Amor and saw Chloe in a romantic couple, it clicked in his mind that she was who he wanted after all. They ended their time in the villa as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The announcement video:

– – –

Final thoughts from the writer, Charlotte…

Documenting Love Island 2021 in the form of weekly rundowns has been an unforgettable experience for me. I’ve watched Love Island for a few years now, but when I wrote the first article in this series I didn’t quite realise how much of a commitment it would be! It’s taken a long time to write this series but it’s been amazing. Those who know me well will know I’ve put it before quite a few other things over the last eight weeks, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m thrilled for Millie and Liam because they’ve been one of the steadiest couples since the early stages of Season 7, and they’ve gone from strength to strength. Most other couples wouldn’t have recovered from Casa Amor like they did, but they moved past it. They had some of the funniest moments in the season, including Liam’s confusion between ‘aphrodisiac’ and ‘asparagus’, toe-sucking, and singing a Tom Jones classic to baby Jackson.

It’s been so much fun writing this series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the articles whether you’ve only read one or two, skimmed them all, or read the whole thing.

Finally, a big thankyou to the Editor-in-Chief, Chantal, for proofreading all of these for me over the summer and motivating me when I needed it!

From the Deputy Editor and Entertainment Editor, Charlotte x

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