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Love Island 2021: Week Eight

The end of Week Eight marks the end of the final full week of Love Island 2021! It’s been a rollercoaster ride for all of the couples, so let’s get into what happened in the week before the two-part finale.

What happened at the end of Week Seven?

Jake had finally said “I love you” to girlfriend Liberty. However, there was a lot of speculation that it wouldn’t be plain sailing from there – if you’ve watched this week in full, you’ll know the outcome. If not, then keep reading!

How did we pick things up in Week Eight?

The girls talked to Liberty about their uncertainties about Jake. They didn’t want to take away from her happiness, but wanted her to realise that maybe it wasn’t all as perfect as it seemed. They said to Liberty that it was possibly a clever play from Jake to get himself out of trouble, as he’d said those three magic words right after a rocky patch.

When Jake discovered that the girls had said this to Liberty, he wasn’t happy. He didn’t want the others putting thoughts into his girlfriend’s head that questioned his sincerity. He talked to Chloe and Faye, and while viewers were expecting a big row between them, it was actually quite civil. The girls explained their doubts, and Jake understood where they were coming from. They agreed to respect each others’ thoughts on the situation, said “love ya” and moved on.

How did the massive dinner date go?

The boys were told they had to cook for the girls, and made a sweet effort to serve up something tasty for their ladies. While they were eating at their tables for two, they all talked as couples.
They finished their mains, and as the boys went to get dessert, Priya made a revelation.

She told the couples closest to her that she was bored – if it was a normal date outside the villa she’d have actually left.

Dumping time, yet again?

Toby then got a text saying that each couple had to choose the two couples they believed were least compatible. They had to vote via text, while still sat at their tables-for-two.

Priya and Brett got five votes, putting them at risk of going home. Liberty and Jake, Faye and Teddy and Mary and Aaron joined them in the at-risk group, as they got three votes each.

The next episode saw Priya friend-zoning Brett – but not in the most efficient way. She told other Islanders she had “the ick”, and it got back to Brett before she’d told him herself.

Brett talked to Priya, and told her he was upset by having been told about the end of their romance by the rest of the group. They agreed to be friends, but Brett continued to hold a candle for Priya. She shut it down not long after, and then the group got another ‘gather round’ text.

They learned that the public had been voting to save their favourite couple out of the at-risk couples, and the one with the least votes would leave immediately.

The pair that received least votes were Priya and Brett, meaning the end of their time in the villa.

Before she left, Priya pulled Faye for a chat and said she loved her and Teddy’s relationship, and told her she and Brett didn’t vote for them.

How did the fallout from the vote go?

As Chloe and Toby and Aaron and Mary told Faye that they didn’t vote for her, she realised the three votes were from Kaz and Tyler, Millie and Liam, and Liberty and Jake.

Both Faye and Teddy were hurt, as they’d both confided in the people who’d voted for them when they were having trouble in their relationship.

Faye (and partly Teddy) talked to Kaz and Tyler and Liberty and Jake, and ended up bickering with Jake. She yelled at Jake, told Liberty she deserved much better than him, and that she was “so done” with him.

Aaron and Kaz also argued, as Aaron said that she and Tyler were being strategic by voting for them instead of Brett and Priya. Kaz said she didn’t hear that Priya wasn’t interested in Brett, so her vote wasn’t tactical at all.

They all gradually apologised and made up with one another, and the next day was much calmer.

Move over X Factor, what happened in the talent show?

The Islanders had a mini talent show and showed off their skills in pairs or alone.

In the evening, to ease the tension, the Islanders took part in a talent competition which featured Liberty and Jake singing a rendition of Grease’s ‘You’re The One That I Want’, and Tyler emulating Jack from Titanic by drawing Kaz like one of “his French girls”. Meanwhile Teddy performed a rap, Faye did a roast, Millie played the keyboard, and Mary tap-danced.

Jake and Liberty turned into a slightly off-key Danny and Sandy doing ‘You’re The One That I Want’. Chloe tried to emulate Carol Vorderman by doing maths equations – but when she was given a slightly difficult sum, she just wrote ‘F**k off’ on the board. Teddy rapped, Mary tapped, and Faye did a roast. Semi-pro footballers Toby and Aaron kicked a football around (it went into the pool). Millie played one of Liam’s favourite songs on the keyboard, and Welshman Liam sang ‘It’s Not Unusual’, naturally.

At the end of the episode, the public were once again asked to vote for their favourite pair.

The baby challenge returned!

Classically, in the final week of the show, the producers like to get the Islanders thinking about their future. So, in came the babies!

The Islanders woke up to the sounds of the babies’ cries, and everyone was excited. Well… everyone but Faye. Faye looked shellshocked and, while everyone ran out to meet their new arrivals, shouted “If it’s not a puppy, I’m not interested!”

Their first task was to name their bundles of (screaming) joy.

Jake and Liberty’s son: Tommy
Aaron and Mary’s daughter: Sienna
Tyler and Kaz’s son: Benjamin (after her brother)
Teddy and Faye’s son: Remy
Liam and Millie’s son: Jackson
Toby and Chloe’s son: Marley

As soon as they’d named Jackson, Millie told Liam to sing him a lullaby. He instantly began singing ‘It’s Not Unusual’ again, much to Millie’s amusement.

The girls went upstairs to get ready and left the babies with their dads. After a while, Toby brought Marley up to Chloe. She jokingly argued with him as she didn’t want to deal with the baby, and acted like she’d end it with him if she left him with her. Teddy also brought Remy up to Faye, and as she heard him coming upstairs, she hid in the wardrobe. Teddy left him with his mum, and as he started crying, she said “My baby’s a pr**k!”

Dads on tour?

The boys got a text telling them they were going on a dads’ golfing trip, got dressed accordingly and left the villa. The girls were less than impressed, as they had to stay behind with the babies.

Teddy impressed with a driver in hand, and Toby’s golf skills left a lot to be desired.

After a questionable round of golf, the boys sat down with some beers and had a sweet chat about their futures. They told each other what they saw in their life plans, and how they really cared about their ladies back in the villa.

Back in the villa, the girls were struggling with their babies. Faye was flopped on the swing with Remy, who was quite quiet. He started crying again, and she simply said, “Shut up”. Also, Marley’s arm came off. Doing well, girls?


Mary and Aaron won the challenge, as Sienna was the best looked after baby. Faye and Teddy and Chloe and Toby failed, as Marley and Remy got into trouble during the challenge. But as over half passed, they got a party that evening.

During the party, Faye got a ‘gather round the fire pit’ text. Kaz’s text said that the public had voted for their favourite couple, and the pair with the least votes would leave the villa.

Which couple got dumped?

With the fewest votes, Aaron and Mary were sent home.

They both said they wanted to keep seeing each other on the outside. Mary said that although it had only been ten days, it felt like they’d “been seeing each other for months”. Aaron said he couldn’t wait to “do normal couple stuff” and “form a deeper connection”.

Final dates time!

The next day was Liam’s 22nd birthday! Millie made him pancakes the way he likes, and made sure he had a great day.

At the beginning of the day, as they all got out of bed, Jake said Liberty’s less-than-tidy side of the bed was giving him “the ick”. He was seemingly kidding, but Liberty looked sad, and the camera stayed on her for a little more than normal.

Faye and Teddy

Faye and Teddy got a text saying they needed to get ready for their final date. Teddy seemed more nervous than usual for some alone time with his lady, and as they left the group wondered if he’d make things official.

They got to their date location to find a pool filled with rose petals, and drinks for the pair of them.

They got in and enjoyed their time together, telling each other how they truly felt. Teddy was listing Faye’s qualities, and started to say “That’s what I-“. He hesitated, laughed, and said, “F**k it, that’s what I love about you”.

Faye laughed and replied: “Ayyyy!”. Teddy went on to say he had a question that had been “on the tip of [his] tongue for days”, and finally asked her to be his girlfriend. She happily accepted, saying “I’ve got a boyfriend!”.

They came back to the villa and shared their news with the group. Faye shared some rose petals with the girls and they threw them in the air in celebration.

Kaz and Tyler

Tyler and Kaz were next, and prepared for their first/final date outside the villa. They travelled to their date in a horse and cart, and sat at a table for two in a courtyard accompanied by the sound of violins.

On the date, they decided to take things slowly but still move forward. Tyler stumbled on his words but managed to tell Kaz that he wanted to be official eventually, but not yet. Kaz happily agreed, saying “I’m not in a race, I’m not looking to compete” – they didn’t want to rush things to ‘keep up’ with the other couples.

What’s going on with #Jiberty?

Back in the villa, a very upset Liberty ran upstairs in tears after Tyler and Kaz left. She stayed up there for a while, and then went and sat outside the villa.

Faye came to find her, and Liberty confessed she wanted to leave as she wasn’t happy any more. Faye replied, “You’re not going anywhere”. They had a long discussion about Jake and how she’d realised they weren’t right for each other. Liberty said “I may not have found love, but I’ve found self-love, I’m not going to change for anyone”.

She wanted to find someone who “doesn’t mind that [she’s] messy”. Faye added “And that you snore!”.
Faye supporting Liberty was a sweet moment, as they’d previously fallen out over the compatibility vote and their friendship was on the rocks.

The big moment…

Jake and Liberty talked, and it didn’t look good for them. It was clear that Liberty had noticed a lot of issues that Jake hadn’t.

They later moved to the beanbags, and Liberty told Jake “I don’t think you love me for me”.
She said “I love you for exactly who you are and I don’t feel like that’s being reciprocated, maybe I’m just not right for you”.

Jake didn’t fight it much, and said “What are you saying, are we going our separate ways?”, and they split up.

After they decided to end things, Liberty walked out of the garden, taking her mic off. Faye followed as Liberty said “I’m done”, to which she replied “Liberty Poole, you’re not done”.

They had a long chat on the sofa, and Liberty asked Faye’s opinion. Faye said “I’m the wrong person to ask, because I don’t like Jake”. Faye told Liberty she could do better and deserved to “feel loved”.

Liberty said in the Beach Hut, “I love him and I want to make it work, but if it’s at the cost of me being true to myself I’m not doing it”.

In the next episode, Kaz and Tyler got back from their date and tell everyone how well it went. Neither Jake nor Liberty told the pair what had happened, because they didn’t want to take away from their happiness.

While everyone got ready for the evening, Jake told Tyler privately that he’d split with Liberty, much to his surprise.

Later on that evening, Liberty told Kaz she’d split with Jake, and she couldn’t believe it.

As best friends since Day 1, when Liberty said she hadn’t been successful in finding love in the villa, Kaz said “You found love with me”.

Back to the final dates…

Millie and Liam

Millie and Liam got their ‘final date’ text, still on Liam’s birthday. In a panic, Liam said “Lemme go shave my toes real quick!”, and the boys reassured him that his toes were “fine”. He said “my head’s gone”, showing he was nervous like Teddy was – big moves, perhaps?

They had a romantic table laid out for them in a castle setting, and clearly Millie had been advised what to wear by the team as she perfectly matched the red theme of the date.

They talked about their future, and decided they’d make the distance work. Viewers compared them to ‘Gavin and Stacey’, both being from Wales and Essex.

Liam began listing everything he loved about Millie, like her laugh and her eyes, and finished by saying “When you know you know, and I definitely know. I do love you“. Millie returned the feeling, saying “I’ve definitely fallen in love with you“.

What happened later on?

Liberty pulled Jake for a chat, to make sure he was okay. It was short and sweet, but at least they touched base and checked up on each other. Clearly not in the best mood, Jake took himself off to the doghouse bed in the living room and went to sleep, long before anyone else did.

Millie and Liam got back from their date. As they walked in, they noticed Jake asleep in the living room. Shocked, they headed in the other direction and out to the garden. They said ‘hi’ to everyone else, and both told their respective groups that they’d confessed their love to each other. The girls said: “Milliam’s in love!”

Newly 22 year-old Liam told the boys he’d never said ‘I love you’ romantically before, and couldn’t stop smiling.

As they got ready to go to sleep, Faye sprinted to her bed to spend the first night with Teddy in an official relationship.

Kaz spent the night with Liberty outside on a day bed, and viewers noticed that Kaz’s supportive partner Tyler got the bed ready for them.

While in bed talking about the final dates, Liberty told Kaz “I’m so happy for you all, but I’m hurting”.

Jake and Liberty – #MakeOrBreak?

The next morning, Liberty did the quietest “I’ve got a text” in the history of Love Island. With the hashtag #makeorbreak, her text revealed she had one final date with Jake, and she didn’t know what to do. Kaz said “It’s okay, trust your intuition”, and she went to find Jake to talk about the date (with Olivia Rodrigo playing in the background, in true 2021 style).

They debated not going at all, but Jake said that it would be a once in a lifetime date, and they agreed to make a final nice memory together as their entire villa journey was spent together.

Jake and Liberty got the dream date they both wanted – a romantic boat ride. They both complimented each other, and Jake made the sad realisation that he was on his dream date with the girl he “thought could be the one”, but it wasn’t meant to be. It ended up as a ‘closure date’, and they hugged before returning to the villa.

Decision time…

As they walked back in, they told everyone to gather round the fire pit. The group said “All of us?” and they were all concerned. Their fears came true, as Jake and Liberty had decided to leave the villa.

Everyone cried and hugged, and Faye repeatedly said “I’m so sorry”. She was gutted for Liberty, said “I’m so proud of you”, and told her that if anyone deserved to find love in the villa it was her.

The girls all cried on the terrace as they had one last chat together, and the boys had a final chat with Jake while packing. Also sad, Toby said “you’re not leaving here down in the dumps” and tackled him onto the bed. The rest of the boys jumped on top as a bundle, and all laughed.

Everyone was emotional as Liberty and Jake walked out of the villa together, for the last time.

What’s left of Love Island 2021?

We still have one more final date to see – Toby and Chloe’s.
The promo for tonight’s episode showed that the parents are coming! In what we can expect to be highly emotional scenes, the remaining Islanders will be visited in the villa by their loved ones, and they will meet their partners.

All that will be left will be to crown the winner! The final two episodes are tonight and Monday night, at 9pm on ITV2. As ever, there’s always the ITV Hub so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed.

UNIfied will have one more rundown of the two-part finale – don’t miss it!

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