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Love Island 2021: Week Five

We’re officially in the second half of the weekly rundowns!

Although it feels like this season didn’t start all that long ago, we’re now at the end of Week FIVE. Where did that time go?

Now that we’re deep in the series, we’ve reached the week we’ve been waiting for – the return of Casa Amor.

Casa Amor… the home of relationship tests, temptations, and decision-making. We’ll get into that later, but for now, where were we?

Where did Week Four leave us?

In the sweetest moment of Season seven, Jake had just asked Liberty to be his girlfriend.

As we picked up on the action, we saw that love really was in the air. Everyone was in a cheerful mood, and Toby took the opportunity to make amends with those he’d had tension with.

Toby asked Abi if they could take their new romance slowly so as not to rush things between them. He also didn’t want to hurt Chloe any more than he already had.

Across the villa, Hugo said he didn’t want to chat to Toby that night because it would detract attention from Jake and Liberty’s happiness.

Toby pulled him for a chat anyway, so Hugo agreed because he seemed to be in a better mood. Toby said that he did feel bad about what he did. The problem was, he was annoyed with how Hugo handled it.

They eventually came to the agreement that they wouldn’t agree, but they decided to move on.

Everyone tucked up for bed all happily coupled up, ready for the day of action ahead.

What happened on Sports Day?

Naturally, Sports Day was hosted by PE teacher Mr Hammond. Everyone else was split into two teams, pink and green, while Hugo was in charge of the events.

Comments from the Islanders were a little snarky at times, but nothing came of it.

Faye joked about Abi taking Toby from Chloe, and Hugo teased Toby a little.

The pink team won overall, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Later that day, Toby finally apologised to Chloe for his behaviour and she forgave him. Chloe then went to clear the air with Abi and wished them well.

The same day, Chloe and Toby smoothed things over after everything he did that upset her. She then chatted to Abi, and told her she was okay with their romance.

Hugo talked to Aaron about platonic partner Chloe, who he’d been considering pursuing something more with. Aaron told him to go for it, so he prepared himself for the chat.

Aaron had a sweet chat with Lucinda and said he really ‘liked’ her, which made her happy.

All happy families then?

Clearly the producers thought it was going a little too well in the villa…

They got another ‘gather round the fire pit’ text, and found out that two people would be dumped that night.

The public had voted for their favourite couple, and the least popular pair would be sent home. The bottom two were Aaron and Lucinda and Teddy and Faye.

Sadly Aaron and Lucinda had to go, as they had the least public votes.

After they left, Hugo talked to Chloe about their partnership. Unfortunately for him, she said she could never see them being more than friends.

Where did the boys run off to?

Teddy got a text the next morning after the girls had left the bedroom. The text told the boys to quietly leave the villa, and go on a boys’ holiday. Their holiday destination? Casa Amor.

A couple of the boys left sweet things behind for their lady loves. Jake left a t-shirt for Liberty to sleep in, and Teddy left his ring on the pillow for Faye.

As Casa Amor is a regular feature, the girls knew exactly where the boys had gone when they realised they were missing. They knew there’d be beautiful new ladies ready to tempt their partners, so they were understandably nervous.

Who are the Casa Amor girls?

The boys got to meet six new lovely ladies on their boys’ trip. Here they are, in the order they arrived…

Clarisse Juliette, 23

Credit: ITV

She’s a brand owner and influencer from London, and her Instagram is @clarissejuliette.

Lillie Haynes, 22

Credit: ITV

Lillie’s a trainee accountant from South Shields. Her Insta is @lillie.haynes.

Amy Day, 25

Credit: ITV

She’s a performer from Surrey. Her Insta is @__amyday__.

Kaila Troy, 28

Credit: ITV

She’s a DJ from Dublin, and her Instagram is @djkailatroy.

Salma Naran, 20

Credit: ITV

Salma is a model and influencer from Dublin. Her Instagram is @salma.naranx.

Mary Bedford, 22

Credit: ITV

She’s a model from Wakefield, and her Insta is @mary_bedford.

Five of the boys entered Casa Amor as single men, but Jake was in an officially labelled relationship. If he got to know any of the girls romantically, or kissed any of them outside of a challenge, he would be cheating on girlfriend Liberty. Jake motivated the other boys to get to know the new ladies, because he’d have done the same if he was only ‘coupled up’ rather than taken.

What about the new boys?

How could there be six new girls without six new boys? It’s only fair!

The boys came into the main villa when the original boys left for Casa Amor. Again, here they are in the order we met them…

Dale Mehmet, 24

Credit: ITV

Dale’s from Glasgow, he’s a barber, and his Instagram is @dalehuncho.

Jack Barlow, 26

Credit: ITV

Jack’s from East Sussex. He’s a racing driver and coach, and his Insta is @jackcbarlow.

Medhy Malanda, 24

Credit: ITV

Medhy is an American football player from Belgium, now living in Luton. His Insta is @medhymalanda.

Harry Young, 24

Credit: ITV

He’s a car salesman from Glasgow, and his Instagram is @harryyoung__. Harry actually signed up to the show via Tinder, of all places!

Matthew MacNabb, 26

Credit: ITV

Matt’s from Belfast, and he’s a strategic marketing consultant. His Instagram is @matthew_macnabb.

Sam Jackson, 23

Credit: ITV

Sam is from Clitheroe, he’s a maintenance manager, and his Instagram’s @samjacksonn98.

What did they do first without their partners around?

Chloe had the easiest time out of any of the girls, as she was the only one in a platonic couple. If she chose to couple up with a new boy, she wouldn’t be betraying anyone. Dale caught her eye first, but she could happily get to know them all without thinking of a romantic partner in the other villa.

Both villas had a game night, but on different levels.

The main villa played ‘Never Have I Ever’, which meant they got to know each other without much contact.

However, the cheekier villa Casa Amor played ‘Truth or Dare’. This included lap dancing, trailing kisses, toe sucking and even a three-way kiss between Liam and two of the girls.

What about bedtime?

Both villas had to decide who to get under the covers with.

In the main villa, all of the girls respected their partners by not getting in bed with the boys on the first night. They all slept on the day beds and in the living room while the boys had the main bedroom to themselves. Even single lady Chloe didn’t sleep in the bedroom, because she’d only just met the new boys and couldn’t choose just one already.

At Casa Amor however, the boys weren’t quite as considerate and got stuck into sharing beds. Tyler shared a bed with Amy, but Hugo also wanted to be with her. Amy later said that she did want to get in bed with Hugo, but she didn’t think he’d ask her. He eventually ended up in bed with Kaila. Liam got in bed with Lillie, and Toby shared with Mary.

The only boys who stayed loyal to their ladies were Teddy and taken man Jake – they slept on the day bed. They said it was lonely out there on their own, and almost had a cheeky spoon themselves. Apparently the heat put them off having a bro cuddle, and it seemed like the insects didn’t help either.

The morning after, Lillie told Liam she was only after him, and he said he thought she was attractive too.

Teddy and Clarisse also had a chat, and she said she was a better match for him than partner Faye.

Main villa vs Casa Amor?

The villas competed against each other to do a series of challenges in a game called ‘Raunchy Races’. Each task pitted an Islander from each villa and someone of their choice against each other, according to certain criteria.

Because the original 12 knew each other well, they could work out who was competing in each task.

For example, one task called for ‘the Islander with alliterative initials’ – these were Hugo Hammond at Casa Amor, and Kaz Kamwi in the main villa.

It was obvious that the ‘shortest boy’ would be Jake, so the girls were concerned for Liberty when the shortest boy had to snog someone. Another task called for ‘the girl who lives furthest south’ – the boys easily worked out this was Devon girl Faye.

The challenge ended in a draw, so both villas received the prize – a party that evening. Tyler and Clarisse had a chat later on, which led to them getting closer.

That night saw all the girls still sleeping on day beds, except Chloe who got into bed with Dale.

At Casa Amor, Mary and Toby and Liam and Lillie continued to share a bed. Hugo happily got into bed with Amy, and Tyler and Clarisse shared a bed along with a cheeky kiss.

Who got mail?

As Chloe walked downstairs the next morning, she saw that there was a letter that had ‘blown in’ through the open front door.

She discovered it was a ‘postcard’ from the other villa, with a display of six photos. Each photo revealed the actions of one of the boys.

It showed Jake smiling and laughing with Mary, while Teddy was seen kissing Clarisse. Also shown with Clarisse was Tyler, but in a much more compromising position – snogging in bed. Hugo and Amy were photographed together, Toby was shown kissing Mary, and Liam was seen in bed with Lillie.

Chloe yelled in shock when she saw the photos on the postcard, and ran to show the girls. They were all upset by it, and at one point Liberty threw it in the pool.

What happened ‘post-postcard’?

Abi and Kaz were moved to tears, and Faye decided not to stay outside on the day beds as the girls were not getting the same respect from the boys. Kaz agreed and joined her, but what Faye didn’t know was that Teddy was actually being loyal and sleeping outside. Abi decided she would still trust Toby, as the photo could easily have been from the challenge.

The new boys in the main villa decided they could now have an easier time getting to know the girls, even the ones who they thought were happily taken, as they had all lost faith in their partners. Matt chatted to Kaz, and eventually ended up kissing.

That night Matt and Kaz shared a bed, and Faye got in with Sam. Chloe was pied as Dale told her he wanted to get to know Faye as well, and she ended up back on the day bed. It turns out Matt and Kaz got closer, as she talked about it in code with the girls the next morning.

(Author’s note: This is my favourite clip of the entire season)

Liam and Lillie got a lot closer as she suggested that he gave her 100% of his attention and then compared her with Millie, rather than cutting her off physically but being unsure.

They kissed on the day bed and were caught by Jake, whose reaction said it all. However, Liam later said to the guys that he saw more potential with partner Millie than with new girl Lillie.

In the main villa, Dale talked to Chloe and told her he wasn’t shutting her down completely the day before. Chloe teased that she wondered if he’d changed his mind after Faye got in bed with Sam instead, but the pair moved on from it.

What happened in the post Casa Amor recoupling?

Laura Whitmore returned for the first time since day one and was in charge of the anticipated recoupling.

Both Chloe and Hugo recoupled, and the main villa girls were very pleased for Hugo. Chloe picked Dale, and Hugo walked in with Amy. Hugo said to Laura that he’d found what he thought was missing, saying “Here she is!”.

Abi then chose to stick with Toby. Unfortunately for Abi, Toby walked in with Mary, leaving her single. Mary said she felt “sorry for [Abi]”, as she didn’t think they were that close based on Toby’s actions at Casa Amor.

Hugo’s smirk made everyone at home laugh, as he was proven right about Toby – he didn’t change after all, even though he said he would learn from his mistakes.

While everyone at home was waiting for Liam’s decision between Millie and Lillie, we were left with another cliffhanger.

Come on, what happened next? Don’t drag it out!

The next episode carried on the recoupling, and Liberty was next. She was a little nervous as she didn’t know what would happen, but stayed loyal to her boyfriend and he returned alone to join her. He sweetly cut Laura’s chat short, asking “Can I hug her now?”.

Faye then decided to pick new boy Sam, as she’d been heartbroken by what she saw of Teddy’s actions on the postcard. Faye and the other girls were surprised when he returned alone with Faye’s cuddly toy in his hand. He then put the toy on the floor, and sat down with the others as a single Islander.

Kaz then chose to recouple, and picked new boy Matthew. Tyler then unsurprisingly came back with Clarisse, and Kaz was annoyed. She said she felt “blindsided” as she thought they were doing well together, but Tyler argued that she “still recoupled though”. Kaz fought back by saying “Yeah because I saw a picture of you kissing another girl, Ty”. She asked if he was lost for words, and he said “What can I say?”, to which she replied, “Whatever it is, just make sure it’s honest this time”.

Millie was last to decide. She chose to stick with Liam, and he chose Millie as well. They embraced when they were reunited, but then the three unchosen Casa Amor girls were brought in, including Lillie.

The three unchosen boys and girls were dumped, but not before Laura asked Lillie a couple of questions.

Lillie said she was “shocked”, and when asked why, she said that she had formed a strong connection in Casa Amor. Laura asked which boy she meant, and she simply said “Liam”.

She told the group they’d shared a bed and kissed outside of challenges, and the main villa group was shocked. Liam then told Millie he’d tell her about it “later”.

How did they all recover?

Laura then left, followed shortly by the six dumped Islanders. Millie, Abi and Faye each got visibly emotional by each of their respective situations that had just unfolded.

Toby and Abi later had a chat, and Toby frustratingly revealed that he liked both of the girls.

Faye and Teddy also discussed their situation. Faye showed him the postcard, and he was upset that one photo led her to abandon their entire relationship. She mentioned her troubled past when it came to dating, and Teddy comforted her even though he was the one who’d just been betrayed.

Liam and Millie talked, and he told her he was testing things with Lillie and had decided not to choose her. Instead he wanted to return alone and make Millie his girlfriend, but she said she couldn’t imagine becoming official after what he’d done.

What will happen next?

Lillie will return to a location outside of the villa and explain herself to Millie.

We can also expect to see more emotional scenes from Faye and Teddy – who knows whether they’ll get back together?

Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight at 9pm, and don’t forget there’s always ITV Hub to catch up on anything you’ve missed.

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