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Love Island 2021: Week Seven

It’s the Islanders’ penultimate week in the villa! Can you believe how quickly Season 7 has gone? This week has been one of the most action-packed weeks yet, and the group aren’t showing any signs of dialling down the drama.

Where did last week leave us?

We ended Week Six with the dramatic fallout of the movie night, and the end of Faye and Teddy’s romance.
Liberty and Jake had also been having a bit of a wobble. But hey, things can only get better in Week Seven… right?

What happened first?

Liberty talked to Jake again about the movie night. She made her insecurities clear, and Jake said he wouldn’t have made their relationship official if he wasn’t serious about her.

Toby, the new agony uncle of the villa, gave a bit of advice to Kaz. He suggested that she have a serious chat with Matt, and try to salvage a friendship. She did just that – went and spoke to Matt and they agreed to be civil and everything seemed happier between them.

She then had a chat with Tyler and agreed that their metaphorical relationship door was WIDE open. They decided to have another go of it together, but Kaz told him he only had one more chance – if he messed up again, they’d be irreparably over.

Conversely, Teddy and Faye talked again. He tried to recover from their blow up, but she was having none of it.

The day after, the Islanders were treated to a day trip. They went to the villa’s summer club, and got dressed up to celebrate a day out. While they were there, Liam and Millie became officially ‘exclusive’.

However, there was an unexpected party guest – Laura Whitmore. We all know by now that that’s never good…

What bad news did Laura bring?

Laura announced that a boy and girl would NOT be returning to the villa after the party – they’d be going straight home. The public had voted for their favourite boy and girl, and the bottom three boys and girls would be at risk.

The vulnerable girls were Abi, Mary and Kaz, and the vulnerable boys were Dale, Tyler and Jake.
The original Islanders were shocked that Kaz and Jake didn’t get saved by the public – particularly girlfriend Liberty.

Laura told the group that the safe boys had to send a girl home, and the safe girls had to dump a boy. They made their choices, and we had to wait a day to find out.

In the next episode, Chloe revealed that ex-partner Dale was their choice to leave. Toby was the one to announce the boys’ choice – ironically, the three girls were all former partners of his. The boys chose to dump Abi, and Abi and Dale did not return to the villa.

Two for two?

As they were winding down for the evening, Chloe and Mary got texts telling them they’d both be going on a date with ‘Aaron’, and Teddy and Matt found out they’d be having dates with ‘Priya’.

Aaron Simpson, 24

Week Seven's Aaron, as opposed to Week One's Aaron!
Credit: ITV

There’s a second Aaron this year – there won’t be any confusion as the first Aaron left in Week Five.
Our second Aaron is a footballer from Devon, and his Instagram is @aaronsimpsonn.

Before Aaron joined Mary for the first date, she said “Please don’t be a footballer…” Well… surprise, Mary!
They seemed to get on well on the date though. Chloe also loved Aaron’s sense of humour, but it was highly unlikely she’d stray from Toby.

Priya Gopaldas, 23

Week Seven's new lady
Credit: ITV

Priya’s a medical student from London, and her Insta is @priyagopaldas.

Priya got on quite well with Teddy. She also bonded with Matt, and talked about their shared love of exercise.

The rest of the group came to introduce themselves to Priya and Aaron after the dates were finished. Aaron teased Toby and said that he was interested in pursuing things with Chloe, but didn’t mean it. Toby got Chloe’s point of view, and she also teased him, but then made it clear she only had eyes for him.

Is it ever really over on Love Island?

Millie and Faye talked to Priya, and Faye wished her well in getting to know Teddy. It was obvious she was a little jealous though. Priya talked to Teddy afterwards, and she found that she wouldn’t get anywhere with him as he wasn’t over Faye and wouldn’t be for a while. Faye told Millie she regretted how she’d treated Teddy, so it seemed like a positive sign for them.

Faye sincerely apologised to Teddy, and they slowly started to rekindle their relationship. Teddy made it clear she’d need to do some grovelling though, but he got back into their bed at night.
Faye made him a coffee in the morning, which is usually a sweet tradition that the guys do for the girls.

Mary received a cute brunch selection from Aaron (with a little help), and they kissed. Priya and Matthew made an effort to get to know each other too.

What’s with all the *tiny* gold shorts?

That afternoon, the boys competed in ‘Sex Gods’. They wore togas, which were quickly removed. They each took turns to pick up a giant (inflatable) globe and walk through ‘lava’. This was harder for some than others – particularly Jake. He managed to get both feet stuck and needed the boys to pull him out, much to the amusement of the girls.

The boys then had to do pull ups to ‘rescue’ their chosen damsel in distress, kissing her each time he reached her. Aaron picked Mary, and new girl Priya wouldn’t let Matt kiss her without 20 pull ups (which he managed).

At the end, the girls awarded the title of ‘sexiest god’ to Tyler.

Who’s the mystery man?

When they all got back to the villa, Chloe and Priya talked on the balcony. What they didn’t notice at first was that there was a handsome stranger who’d made himself at home on a sun lounger by the pool.

Week Seven's mystery man
Credit: ITV

He not-so-subtly coughed to get their attention, and they were shocked to see him when they looked down. They said “Who are you?”, and he replied, “You can come and say hello, if you’d like”. They ran through the dressing room and rounded up the girls, nonchalantly announcing the arrival to the boys as well. All the Islanders ran out to meet him.

Brett Staniland, 27

Week Seven's last arrival
Credit: ITV

He’s a PHD student from Derbyshire. As you can tell from his Instagram username (@twinbrett), he comes as one of an identical pair. Brett also works as a model, alongside twin brother Scott.

Tyler was first out of the door, and cheekily shouted “Who’s in my garden?”. Brett wasn’t shy, saying to the boys “Who dressed you lot?” as they hadn’t got changed after the gods challenge.

As all the boys made their way over, they loudly shouted things like “Who goes there?!” and “State your name!”. He calmly replied “I’m Brett,” and they all laughed and gave him a warm welcome.

The girls then introduced themselves, and Priya was first there. Brett said “You look great,” to Priya, and she hovered nearby to see if he complimented any of the other girls in the same way. She was pleasantly surprised to find he didn’t, and hoped to stake an early claim.

Matthew pulled Priya for another chat, trying to regain her focus, and they continued getting to know each other. But then Brett was allowed to choose one girl to go on a date with, and he chose her. They had a sweet date and realised they had a LOT in common. It was a cheap and cheerful date in classic Love Island style – when they got back, Brett told the boys it was the longest he’d sat cross-legged since school.

Who graduated?

Chloe, Faye, Liberty and Millie decided that they would all “graduate” that night when the lights went out – their girls’ code for going all the way, not just “doing NVQs”. The girls waited until Week Seven to “graduate”, which many viewers have agreed is fair enough. Although, Liberty may have hinted she and Jake had already had a graduation of their own without telling anyone.

The morning after the night before, Priya held a “graduation ceremony” for the girls who’d slept with their partners.
The four girls did wear caps – of the baseball variety, rather than mortarboard.

The Islanders got a text telling them to prepare for a recoupling that evening, which worried the boys as they outnumbered the girls.

While Kaz picked Tyler, Faye picked Teddy, Mary picked new boy Aaron, Chloe picked Toby, Liberty picked Jake, and Millie chose Liam.
Priya was last, with both boys she liked to choose from. She chose newbie Brett, leaving Matthew single. The villa said goodbye to Matt, and Priya became tearful as she felt bad for sending him home.

Even more exclusivity?

Tyler wanted to be exclusive with Kaz and set up a scavenger hunt-type trail for her to find him waiting.

He used a series of texts sent to phones placed in memorable locations for the couple. She followed the trail up to the balcony where he was waiting for her. He was stood holding a folded towel with the word “Shall” written on it. As she said the words out loud, he gradually unfolded the towel to reveal four words – “Shall we be exclusive?”. Kaz happily accepted.

Trouble in paradise for #Jiberty?

As Tyler and Kaz returned to celebrate with the others, Jake stopped Liberty from running over. He explained that he wanted her to have her own moment with Kaz. The public wasn’t impressed by his seemingly controlling actions, and Liberty wasn’t keen either.

The Hideaway was open for another night, and naturally the group decided to send Kaz and Tyler to congratulate them.

After they left for the night, Liberty told Millie she was uncertain about Jake’s actions. She said the way he’d held her back felt “icky” and she wasn’t sure what was genuine and what was for the cameras. After the lights went out, she talked to Jake in bed and reiterated what she’d said to Millie. She told him she wanted him to be himself, and he wasn’t happy about it.

The next morning, Liberty also talked to Chloe. She had an extra detail to share, as Jake hadn’t spoken to her all morning. He was currently chatting to Mary, who he’d previously told Liberty was his type.

How did the heart rate challenge go down this year?

The classic Dirty Dances challenge returned for 2021. We were all waiting for it, but the producers made us wait until Week Seven this year! The girls each dressed up in sexy outfits and danced for the boys, and vice versa.

The video below of the girls’ round is restricted, but isn’t much more X-rated than the boys’ round. Follow the link through to YouTube to see the girls, including Mary the mermaid, leather-clad Millie, and Faye as a racer in red:

The boys’ round (not restricted) included viking Jake, Toby the superhero, and lumberjack Liam. Liam particularly impressed, with Faye left speechless and mouthing “Wow!” in the Beach Hut after.

Basketball uniform-clad Tyler danced to a favourite song of Kaz’s, and Jake provided some fancy footwork for Liberty.

Millie and Teddy raised most hearts, and the girls won overall as they got the boys’ hearts beating fastest.

That night, when the lights went out, Chloe and Toby got that heated they actually BROKE their bed. Toby ran off in his pants while it was fixed – apparently he had other things to be dealing with…
Brett and Priya had their first kiss in bed that night as well.

One more game?

On the last day of Week Seven, the Islanders had a game involving the public. There were 1st, 2nd and 3rd podiums on the lawn, a whole list of superlatives, and newest couple Priya and Brett as hosts.

It was obvious that Teddy and Faye would be voted ‘most argumentative’, and they knew that. Faye took alllll the blame for that one, saying “I take the rap!”. Kaz and Tyler and Chloe and Toby were also in the top 3, although the group placed them the wrong way around.

The hottest couple was Liam and Millie, correctly placed by the group. When deciding who else would be up there, Faye ruled her and Teddy out by saying “We wear Crocs, we’re not sexy!”. She also said Chloe and Toby and Jake and Liberty couldn’t be up there either because of their less classy behaviour. Faye and Teddy were actually given third, and celebrated their Crocs. Kaz and Tyler were second, and Kaz exclaimed to Tyler “Baby, we sexy!”.

The ‘smartest couple’ title was given to med student and almost-PhD pair Priya and Brett, and they deliberated over 2nd and 3rd. Faye and Teddy went up as Priya thought “intelligence comes with age”. Faye joked “F***ing great, ’cause I’m old, I’m going up!”. Chloe joked that her and Toby should be first, to which Priya quickly replied “Show me your doctor!”.

The Islanders were shocked at Jake and Liberty being classed the ‘most one-sided’ couple. Liberty was particularly hurt, and this wasn’t helped by also being voted ‘first to split up when they leave the villa’. Jake said “We’ll prove them wrong, don’t worry”, but it was clear that this rattled them.

Final bit of gossip of Week Seven?

After airing her feelings to the girls, Liberty talked to Jake about whether he truly meant what he’d said over the weeks. She told him that she’d said “I love you” weeks ago, when they first started officially dating, but he’d never said it.

With a little bit of nervous hesitation, Jake finally said “Liberty Amor Poole, I love you“.

Will three little words be enough? Are #Jiberty endgame, or coming to an end?
That’s it for Week Seven, so find out what happens next tonight!

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 – it’s the start of the LAST full week of Love Island 2021! Remember, there’s always the ITV Hub where you can catch up on anything you’ve missed.

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