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Love Island 2021: Week Six

These weeks are FLYING by now! We’re getting closer and closer to the end, but there’s been no shortage of drama yet. Get the napkins out, because Week Six was juicy

Where did we leave it last week?

The recoupling had finished, and Laura and the dumped Islanders had left the villa. Liam and Millie talked about what happened with Lillie, and Millie made it clear she couldn’t carry on with their romance after what he’d done.

Faye and Teddy were both reeling from the effects of the recoupling, and it seemed like there was minimal bad blood between them. Faye was gutted that she’d read Teddy’s situation wrong, and regretted putting her guard back up and moving on from him.

Where did we start this week?

Kaz and Tyler had a tense chat, as he’d brought Clarisse back after it seemed to be going well between them. Kaz said that if she hadn’t seen the postcard she wouldn’t have recoupled with Matthew. Tyler seemed on edge and unsure what to do, as he had feelings for both girls.

Next, Millie got a text. In a shock twist, dumped Islander Lillie was waiting for her to join her for a meeting outside the villa.

Lillie didn’t hide anything from Millie, as she told her that Liam had initiated a lot of the intimacy between them in Casa Amor. Lillie said the graft was split 60/40 in Liam’s direction – i.e., he’d put more effort in when making a move on Lillie than Lillie did on him. She even revealed the juicy details of their pillow talk, including Liam saying “you’re killing me” when they didn’t take things too far out of ‘respect’ for Millie.

The meeting with Lillie really messed up their relationship, as it was obvious that Millie was even more hurt now that she knew the full story. When she got back, she got got very upset when telling the girls what had happened. She talked to Liam and said she didn’t see a way out of this for them, and when he asked if she saw a future together, she simply said “No.” Unsurprisingly, Liam was banished to the ‘doghouse’ bed that night and Millie slept in the bedroom alone.

Is there hope for Faye and Teddy?

In the evening Teddy and Faye talked on the balcony, and Faye said she’d made a hasty decision in recoupling with Sam. They agreed they’d “both f***ed it”, and it seemed they were back on track. Teddy asked for a kiss, and she happily accepted.

Toby Island?

The next episode started by focusing on Toby and his lady problems. In the last couple of weeks, he’d dumped Chloe for new girl Abi, then went to Casa Amor and brought back Mary. After coming back to the main villa and seeing Abi stood alone and Chloe coupled up with Dale, he re-evaluated. In true Toby nature, he decided to ask Mary to cool their romance. Not to get back with Abi, however, as he also said he didn’t want to carry on their romance either. His main focus? Chloe!

Once again, Toby realised she was the girl he really wanted. Millie was first to get the gossip from Toby, as he confessed to her that he wanted Chloe back.

Chloe later called it quits with new partner Dale, and Millie told her what Toby had said before. She was pleased, and it seemed like they’d give it another go after all the drama.

Millie had an interesting day too, as Liam tried to grovel by texting her and trying other ways of sending messages to her as she wouldn’t speak to him. The cheesy lines he sent began to lessen Millie’s feelings of betrayal, but she wasn’t ready to forgive and forget any time soon.

So, Tyler – Clarisse or Kaz?

Meanwhile, Kaz and Tyler talked again, and Tyler said that he would prefer to be with her than Clarisse. Matthew could tell Kaz was showing interest in Tyler, so withdrew affection in bed.

Kaz and Clarisse updated each other about their conversations with Tyler. Kaz learned what happened at Casa Amor, and Clarisse learned that Tyler had just told Kaz he was leaning towards her. Tyler and Kaz talked and, because he was having difficulty choosing just one girl, she’d had enough. Although she was strong and told him “I’m no one’s second choice”, she got upset talking to the girls afterwards.

All change in the villa?

Faye told Sam that she’d made up with Teddy and they’d kissed, so they cooled any potential romance between them. There was no resentment at all, as Sam later said “I’m happy for her”.

That night Millie received a note written on kitchen roll hidden in her bedsheets. Liam had written a questionable note in an attempt to charm her, and she didn’t find it all that effective. At most, she said it was “cute”, but she wasn’t having any of his efforts, and neither were the other girls.

The next day, single girls Abi and Mary had to get grafting. They both got to know both of the single boys Sam and Dale, as that was the natural choice. Unfortunately, they both got on better with Dale, which could never end well.

Toby and Chloe finally talked, and he admitted his feelings for her. He repeatedly said “sorry”, which Chloe enjoyed hearing. He said that affection didn’t feel as good with another girl, and they had a cuddle and he kissed her cheek. Although his words weren’t particularly poetic, Chloe said that what he said was “like Shakespeare for him”. They were both all smiles as they carried on with the day.

Any drama at the party?

The traditional Spotify Party happened that night, with Mabel as this year’s special guest. Faye in particular was thrilled – though not quite as happy as Anton Danyluk was when Craig David came to the villa in 2019. Everyone was happy and danced the night away, and Liam took advantage of the stage and the atmosphere to try and win over his girl.

He got up on the stage and said “I’ve got something I want to say. I’ve been told I need to go big or go home,”

Nervously reading notes on his phone, he addressed Millie and said he’d been “blown away” by her “flawless looks, piercing blue eyes, infectious smile, and amazing personality”. how she made him smile “without even saying anything”

He said, “I didn’t expect to come to Love Island and find a potential soulmate so early on, but I’ve found that and so much more in you,” and “I’ve never been one to have boxes that need ticking, it’s all about how someone makes me feel.” He summarised his feelings for her by saying “I’ve never felt this way before.”

Millie, who had been shyly smiling the whole time, gave him a hug. They later had a chat, and Millie agreed to take “baby steps” towards getting back to where they were before Casa Amor.

A bit later on, Abi asked Kaz to talk. She said she wasn’t in the happiest mood – she liked Dale, but felt he liked Mary more. As this was going on, Chloe got a ‘gather round the fire pit’ text. It was a girls’ choice recoupling…

Who did the girls couple up with?

Unsurprisingly Liberty once again chose her boyfriend Jake, and Amy picked Hugo. Chloe ‘re-recoupled’ with Toby, but said they’d be “finished” if he messed her around again.

Kaz was next, and as she was giving her traditionally vague speech, Tyler was smiling. In a classic Anton-style moment (the real ones know) that smile went away pretty quickly when she said Matt’s name. Something happened that you may not have spotted though – Kaz deviously winked at Tyler after she sat down.

Tyler didn’t have long to wait after that, as Clarisse picked him next. Abi got to go next, and decided to make an attempt at claiming Dale by picking him before Mary could. Mary made it very clear that she wasn’t happy with Abi’s choice. People at home really felt for Sam, the last guy left for her to choose.

Abi later regretted her impulsive choice picking Dale, as she realised he was clearly drawn to Mary and it was reciprocated. She felt bad for damaging their chances together, and cried to Mary when she told her she’d step aside.

Back to school again?

The next day’s challenge took us back in time with a classic childhood sweethearts theme – kissing on the bleachers. In ‘Playing the Field’, the couples had to kiss for as long as they could without breaking the connection, and last until the ‘school bell’ rang to win. As the couples dropped out one by one they then attempted to put the remaining pairs off, which made for some interesting viewing. Bums were smacked, cheers were yelled, and the kissing got sloppier with every passing second. The coupled who made it to the end were Tyler and Clarisse, Hugo and Amy, and Jake and Liberty.

Later that afternoon kaz told Millie that seeing Tyler kiss Clarisse made her jealous, and it seemed like it could have sparked a reunion between them. They agreed the “door [was] ajar” for them to carry on where they left off. Tyler then ended it with Clarisse, and she took her heels off and walked away.

Tyler told the boys what happened, including Matthew. Kaz hadn’t told him herself yet, so he wasn’t happy with her.

Now who’s leaving?!

Once again everyone had to gather round the fire pit as there’d been another vote from the public. As we’d been picking our favourite couple, those less popular would be vulnerable. The bottom three pairs were Clarisse and Tyler, Amy and Hugo and Mary and Sam. It was then revealed that the safe Islanders had to decide their fate. The girls had to save one boy, and the boys had to save one girl. This meant that four of them would have to leave.

The boys saved Mary (for Dale’s benefit) and the girls saved Tyler (for Kaz).
This meant that Clarisse and Amy were dumped, along with Sam and Day 1 arrival Hugo.

In his exit interview, Hugo called his attempts at dating in the villa “tragic”, even though he was standing beside Amy. As shown in the thumbnail above, she didn’t know what to make of that comment – and her face became an instant meme template.

After they left, Kaz and Matt talked. Although, ‘talked’ might actually be an overstatement. They’d barely sat down at the fire pit when Matt said “We’re done”. He didn’t say too much else, and Kaz didn’t argue against it, and he walked off pretty quickly. She grabbed Tyler for a chat and they decided to start things up again.

Faye and Teddy – oh dear…

Faye had a “wobble” the next morning, and she told the girls she was questioning her partnership. She told them that she was worried about their music and style differences. She said she likes R&B and Disney compared to his preference for jazz, and he enjoys a brand but she likes a charity shop find. Besides that, she thought her family’s loud and brash nature wouldn’t mix well with Teddy’s placidity.

Things only got worse from there.

In that evening’s ‘Movie Night’, the Islanders were given the chance to watch clips seen on TV that showed conversations they might not have otherwise known about.

The Islanders watched a clip of Faye saying Teddy wasn’t funny. Faye laughed while watching, but Teddy wasn’t happy. They also saw a clip of Teddy and Clarisse getting to know each other in Casa Amor, and Faye was FUMING.

After the game finished, she walked past Teddy, Dale and Matt. She stuck her middle finger up at Teddy, and when he tried to talk, she said she didn’t want to. Dale tried talking to her, but she got almost as annoyed at him.

Faye hadn’t gotten over what she’d seen, and yelled at Teddy in the kitchen.

This led to a MASSIVE argument between them, so bad that viewers have called for Faye to be pulled from the villa completely for the way she treated Teddy. Thousands of viewers filed OFCOM complaints. It’s yet to be revealed if there were more than for the ‘misleading’ postcard – but it’s extremely likely.

Tension for the official couple?

Jake was shown convincing the boys to crack on with the girls at Casa Amor while they had the chance, which the girls didn’t like seeing – especially Faye.

Jake had also said he wasn’t particularly drawn to Liberty in a sexual way. He’d said it very early on in the show, but it still got to Liberty a little bit. She later told him she was hurt as it touched on an insecurity of hers, saying “that’s why I lead with my personality”. Many viewers at home related to this and sent her messages of support.

How did the week end?

We ended on a particularly sour note in Week Six – Faye and Teddy ended things completely. During a sit-down chat, aside from a lot of yelling, Faye said “We’re so done it’s unreal”.

As much as we enjoy the drama, hopefully next week won’t be as damaging for the couples. Week Seven starts at 9pm on ITV2, and you can always catch up on the ITV Hub.

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