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Revealed: The reasons under 25s are not getting their Covid vaccine

A study has revealed the top reasons why under 25s are hesitating to get their Covid-19 vaccine.

The study, conducted by myGP, involved 2,600 under 25s in England. 

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Current feelings of under 25s

  • Almost 18% of under 25s do not plan to get vaccinated
  • Vaccine confidence fell by three percent in just two months, with those not planning to receive the vaccine rising to 17.8%
  • Of this 17.8%, 22.4% said they would get vaccinated if vaccine passports become mandatory for entering entertainment venues

Who are myGP?

MyGP is the UK’s largest NHS-accredited independent healthcare management app.

After the news that it may be mandatory for university students to be vaccinated to attend their lectures, myGP wanted to find out why this generation are not getting vaccinated.

What happened in the study?

Two behavioural studies were conducted in March and July 2021. 

These studies aimed to measure changes in vaccine perception and identify the most common reasons under 25s were hesitant to getting vaccinated. 

After finding that vaccine confidence had fallen by three percent between the two months, almost one in five students may choose to not get vaccinated when returning to university. 

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What could have caused this downward trend?

It is thought that misinformation around the vaccine could be the fuel to the fire. 

With the latest data from Public Health England (PHE) showing that it is 20-29 year olds who have the highest infection rate since the start of the pandemic, the vaccination programme becomes ever more important: “The summer holidays are a pivotal moment to bolster the safety of students through vaccination.” – myGP

PHE’s data concluded that 1.154% of 20-29 year olds are becoming infected with the virus.

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Looking into the key findings

22.4% said that they would consider getting the vaccine if it were made mandatory to enter entertainment venues. 

But, a huge 77.6% said that they would try to find venues which did not require a vaccine passport. 

So why are under 25s hesitant about the vaccine?

Five key reasons were found to be fuelling under 25s negative thoughts towards getting vaccinated. 

The first was concerns over the speed the vaccine was developed and tested. 

Next, the young adults had worries over the long term side effects of the jab. This point was correlated with the potential risk to babies if people were to have the jab while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

The study also found that the younger generation believed they are not at risk of infection due to their age.

Finally, some had concerns over previous negative reactions to vaccines.

Response from a medical professional 

Medical advisor for myGP, Dr William Budd, believes that “with the amount of misinformation out there, it’s no surprise that these five issues appeared repeatedly in the myGP study.”

He added; “The jargon around Covid-19 can be overwhelming.”

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Dr Budd has spent the past year “breaking down vaccine news” and communicating it via popular social media platform, TikTok: “Users don’t need a medical degree to understand.” 

The Clinical Research Physician advised any young people that are worried about the potential side effects, to avoid going down a “Google rabbit hole.” 

The best way to get accurate answers is to speak to a healthcare provider.

Dr Budd

He added: “For those hesitant to get their jab, I’d strongly encourage you to at least book your appointment. When you’re there, you have no legal obligation to go through with the jab.”

The Dr guaranteed that the team at the vaccination centres can answer all your questions and help you to feel confident to get your vaccination. 

This information was sourced from myGP.

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