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10 Trending Halloween costumes for 2021

It’s officially spooky season and Halloween is approaching!

Here at UNIfied, we want to give you some of the best costume ideas of this year.

From 2000’s icons, to some of the newest horror films, we have a little something for everyone.

1. Black Widow and Yelena

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Black Widow came out in July 2021 and became wildly popular almost instantly within the Marvel franchise.
As Halloween approaches, it should be no shock that people are dressing up as these two. Just imagine you and your best friend in matching outfits like these.
Complete the look with braids in your hair, natural makeup, and boots.

2. Cruella

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As kids, we knew Cruella was a horrible and scary woman who wanted nothing more than to kill some cute little puppies, and the new film centred on her character.
Although she does become evil, creating some of her looks for Halloween would be memorable.
Obviously, the split black and white hair is from both the classic cartoon and the newest film, and would have to be recreated. Both the red dress with the mask and the full black outfit would be amazing looks to try out. Don’t forget the dark eye makeup and a red lip to go with!
It would probably be best to stay away from Dalmatian puppies this Halloween.

3. Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

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Halloween is typically about scary witches, blood, gore, and goodness knows what else. A slight twist on a stereotypical witch but definitely more interesting and way more powerful.
Creating a complete monochrome red outfit as Scarlet Witch would not only look amazing but would be so easy to recreate.
Websites such as Amazon would definitely have a cape, gloves, and the headpiece. All you’d need to add would be that cute red bodysuit or that dress you’ve been saving and you’re done!

4. Britney Spears

Britney has been such a style icon since the early 2000’s, from the Baby One More Time music video, to the all denim outfit with Justin Timberlake, to the ringleader outfit on her ‘Circus Starring Britney Spears’ Tour.
Her documentary sparked a huge conversation about her, and rightly so. She’s an amazing woman and I think it’s hard to find someone that doesn’t like her music.
With this costume you would have so many different looks to pick from. Who wouldn’t want to embody this icon?

5. Members of the Scooby Gang

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Scooby Doo was such a key part of 90’s and 00’s babies lives growing up. I didn’t know a kid that didn’t watch Scooby Doo daily.
This group of 4 would be amazing to dress up as this Halloween and you could add a modern spin on it. Also, what an excuse to bring your dog to a Halloween party with you!
There are so many ways you could do this costume and with different people. Couple’s costumes, best friend costumes or it could just be you and your dog.

6. Jennifer’s Body

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This 2009 movie has become a cult classic. Jennifer’s character throughout the movie has some amazing and terrifying looks that would be quite shocking to see on Halloween night.
There’s the blood-soaked prom dress, the cheer outfit with blood down her face, or the completely blood soaked outfit from one of the first scenes. Maybe less scary would be the outfit that screams early 2000’s, you know what one I’m talking about.
From this movie you could add Needy to the mix for a best friend outfit. Or even a couple’s costume with Needy and Chip from Prom. Obviously, that would be a bloody one.
Dressing as a character Megan Fox has played would be really fun.

7. The Nun

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Definitely one of the scariest costumes to try out! However, I feel like this could be quite easy and fun to do.
Nun costumes can be found pretty much anywhere online and then it’s just down to your artistry skills for the makeup. You could even play around and get some yellow contacts.
If you’re looking to scare people, or more specifically other Nuns this Halloween, this will definitely do it.

8. Zombieland

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Zombieland: Double-Tap came out in 2019 which was 10 years after the original.
This would definitely be an interesting group costume idea for a group of 5, or 6 if you’d want to include a zombie in the mix.
From Columbus and Wichita’s very practical post-apocalyptic outfits, adding the extra character of Madison would definitely stand out. Definitely Y2K inspired.
Also, who wouldn’t want to rock a cowboy hat the way Tallahassee does? Or add teenage angst with some black eyeliner and a beanie like Little Rock?

9. Birds of Prey Harley

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When Suicide Squad came out in 2016, the most popular outfits that year was Harley Quinn and the Joker.
The costume is still being done, but her and the Joker broke up. So maybe her look from Birds of Prey needs way more recognition.
The gold dungarees or the outfit where she’s doing shots in the bar would be fun ones to have a go at. Also, the hair and makeup would add to the costume so it won’t be like no one would know who you are. It’s Harley Quinn!

10. Squid Game

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It would feel wrong to not include Squid Game in this since it’s all everyone can talk about. I think most people couldn’t get enough and binge watched it, myself included.
Costumes can range between the players tracksuits, the shape masks with red boiler suits or the guy in charge in all black. You could even do the bloody suits from the last episode.
They haven’t officially announced a second season yet but since it became one of the most watched shows on Netflix, it only seems plausible.

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