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CCCU’s Students’ Union responds to drink spiking reports in the city

The team at Canterbury Christ Church Univeristy’s Students’ Union have released a statement to their social media pages saying they want students to feel “safe” when they go on nights out. This comes after reports of drink spikings in the city.

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Drink spiking is a crime, and should be reported to the Police, and through CCCU Report and Support. We are working directly with licensed venues on their safety protocols and procedures on preventative measures as well as aftercare. This issue is also being discussed with relevant partners at Canterbury City Council’s Night Time Economy Board.

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The Students’ Union gave a list of things that students should look out for to ensure they do not drink a drink that could have been tampered with:

  • Excessive bubbles in your drink
  • A cloudy drink
  • A strange or unexpected taste to your drink
  • The colour of your drink has changed or appears mixed
  • The ice in your drink sinks
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They also gave some signs to look out for that could signal that you have been spiked:

  • You feel drunk after only drinking a little amount
  • You feel dizzy, faint or confused
  • You pass out and/or vomit
  • You feel sleepy or unwell
  • You have impaired vision or speech

Finally, they said that if you think someone you are with has been spiked, you should stay with them and ensure they get hep quickly. You can get them help by alerting staff at the venue, and if their condition deteriorates, call an ambulance. You must NOT leave them alone, let them leave the venue, or go with someone else who is untrustworthy. Similarly, you must not let them have any more alcohol.

Remember, if you are spiked it is NEVER your fault.

Christ Church Students’ Union

You can read more about the Union’s recent statement on drink spiking here.

Christ Church Students’ Union have been contacted for further comment.

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