High number of students in accommodation ‘unfit for habitation’

A large majority of UK students could be living in accommodation that is ‘unfit for habitation’ under the Homes Act 2018.

A new poll from a student work app called Stint showed that out of 1000 students, 83% live in poor housing conditions.

Sol Schlagman, Co-Founder of Stint, told Property Reporter: “Students having to put up with shoddy housing has always been treated as par for the course and as a bit of a joke. 

“This is a joke that has gone too far. No one should be forced to live in unsafe accommodation, particularly when hundreds of thousands of students are spending their entire maintenance loan on it.”

41% of students have lived in a property that has mould or damp, 45% have had a broken door or window lock and 19% had a broken smoke alarm in their property, according to the poll.

The Homes Act 2018 was introduced by the government to make sure rented homes are “safe, healthy and free from things that could cause serious harm.”

The general secretary of the University and College Union, Jo Grady told The Independent: “It is disgraceful that so many students have been forced to live in accommodation that this government’s own legislation would consider unfit for habitation.”

Student loans are designed to cover living costs including rent, textbooks, food and transport but the figures from Stint have revealed that hundreds of thousands of students are having to use their entire loan to cover their rent.

Rose Steward, 20, a second-year student living in Canterbury, has experienced numerous problems at her student house.

She said: “I have reported a broken bedframe to my landlord four times as well as a broken chest of drawers, burnt carpet and a mattress with a broken spring.

“I have moved into my house in July and reported the broken bed frame straight away as well as the other issues, but no one has come to fix it.”

Have you suffered from poor living conditions within your student accommodation in Canterbury? Email us at unified@cccu.co.uk and let us know.

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